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Jan/Feb Edition 14.1 - 2017

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Join us on Social Media SAFETY ALWAYS A PRIORITY AFTER 90 YEARS IN THE WELDING BUSINESS Despite increasing legal pressure to ensure workplace safety, unsafe gas and electrical arc equipment continues to find its way into industry. This presents a legal risk to companies and a risk to the safety of their employees. As sub-Saharan Africa's market leader in gases and welding products since 1927, Afrox continues to place utmost priority on safety and continuously strives to improve workplace safety at its customers' sites through the company's Safety Solutions Programme. Afrox's Safety Solutions Programme was launched in 2005 to assist customers at management level and their SHEQ personnel in meeting legal requirements. This end-toend solution begins with a detailed scope of work identifying all applications at customers' sites, detailed onsite safety audits to identify unsafe practices in the workplace, and identifying gaps in compliance with the OSH Act and ISO specifications. After completion of a safety audit, Afrox will provide the customer with a detailed risk assessment and process/application recommendation report. Afrox is also able to assist with reviewing customers' standard operating procedures to identify gaps and to upgrade information conforming to all standards and legislation, a service that Afrox highly recommends to ensure workplace safety. As part of the Safety Solutions Programme, Afrox offers safety training at customers' sites. Training material includes modules on the safe use of gas and gas equipment, the safe use of electrical arc equipment, as well as modules on special and other industrial gases. After training is completed, delegates will undergo a theoretical or practical assessment and will be issued with a certificate that is valid for 2 years. Afrox trainers are CHEITA accredited facilitators, assessors and moderators and have trained over 13 000 delegates in the mining, transport, fabrication, petrochemical and energy sectors. “We care about our customers and are committed to delivering on our promise of safe quality products,” says Hennie van Rhyn, Application Development Manager at Afrox. “Afrox industrial gas equipment is manufactured to the highest standards. Our regulators are manufactured according to Afrox specifications and are ISO 2503 certified. Our flashback arrestors conform to SANS/ISO 50730-1, gas hoses to ISO 3821 and 1156-2, and cutting torches to ISO 5172,” says van Rhyn. AFROX For further information about the Safety Solutions Programme from Afrox. Hennie van Rhyn: +27 (0) 11 876 1079. Vist us at the Secunda Roadshow - 16 March

COMPACT, UNIFIED FACTORY AUTOMATION RANGE MEANS DESIGN SIMPLICITY FOR PANEL BUILDERS A smaller, standard component height across all of Omron's family of factory automation (FA) control devices allows for standardised wiring ducts and component placement, thereby optimising space. A standardised, unified design also means design simplicity for panel builders. The complete Omron portfolio has been redesigned into 600 different FA devices, across 18 different product categories, all built to a common design platform. In addition, the new FA devices are also built with Omron's proprietary Push-In Plus wiring technology. Moving to a uniform design avoids the dead space that results from specifying components of differing height, and also reduces the design work required. Most importantly, the 'hot spots' that build up in small spaces in the panel are greatly reduced, which can impact component reliability. “The lifetime of an electronic component, like a power supply containing an electrolytic capacitor, may be halved for every 10°C rise in temperature, as in accordance with Arrhenius' Law,” explains Lars de Bruin, Marketing Manager, Panel Solutions, EMEA. Omron's complete new range of compact in-panel components includes electromechanical and solid state relays, I/O relay terminals, terminal blocks, temperature controllers, timers, measuring and monitoring relays, power monitors and (uninterruptible) power supplies. These products also offer features such as LED status indicators, simple front wiring and Push-In Plus terminals, all helping panel designers to optimise panel layouts, without impacting issues such as usability or maintenance. Double DIN-rail fixation, both at the top and bottom, allows customers to remove the product from the DIN-rail in a straight move, which is highly convenient in case of replacement/ refurbishment. Downsizing components The range encompasses slim in-panel component designs that offer widths of as little as 6.2 mm, as well as on-panel components with reduced depth. The dead space in a panel can be reduced by as much as 50% horizontally, 20% vertically, and 30% by volume, compared to an older model. Due to reduced power consumption, and therefore generating less heat, side-by-side mounting is possible for each model at an ambient temperature of up to 55°C, which leaves additional space in the panel. Examples of the new devices include: Switch mode power supplies The S8VK-S switch mode power supply is believed to be the world's smallest-class, globally-applicable power-supply series. It has a compact body with 36% less volume than previous Omron products, and allows side-byside mounting, in close contact, to reduce the footprint which, in turn, helps to downsize control panels. It also meets a broad scope of certification standards, and ensures stable operation in a range of environments, with greater environmental resistance and a wide operating temperature range of –40°C to 70°C. Power monitors The KM-N2 power-monitor series offers all power-monitoring functions required for inpanel installation. The use of general-purpose current transformers (CTs) enables it to be used at a variety of manufacturing sites. The series includes single-phase and three-phase four-wire power monitors. It is compatible with power supplies around the world, while providing measurements of up to four circuits in one unit. This power monitor also features precise measurements (IEC Class 0.5S), incorrect wiring detection, and large, easy-to-read, white LCD characters. Timers The H3DT slim timer series is designed to be mounted within control panels. It comes with a slim, 17.5-mm-wide body, which has two relay outputs, helping to downsize control panels. Power consumption is up to 60% lower than that of previous Omron timers, reducing the DC power supply load for an entire control panel. The expected service life is more than three times that of previous models. Measuring and monitoring relays The K8DT is believed to be the industry's first measuring and monitoring relay series with transistor outputs. The series includes nine models, including current-monitoring relays, voltage-monitoring relays, phase-sequence phase-loss relays (to prevent reverse operation), temperature-monitoring relays, and conductive level controllers (floatless switches). These devices are ideal for motor protection, prevention of excessive temperature increases in heaters, or water-level control. In addition to relays with a relay output, those with a transistor output exhibit greater reliability when connected directly to a PC or PLC. Solid-state relays The G3PJ solid-state relay (SSR) series for singlephase heaters has a slim body, with a 22.5 mm width for DIN-rail mounting. It is about 50% slimmer than previous Omron relays. This low heatgenerating SSR can carry a 25 A current, even with close-contact mounting of three SSRs, helping to save more space and downsize control panels. The G3PJ series complies with safety standards such as those for reinforced insulation, which helps reduce the time required when certification is obtained for control panels, or when components are changed. Easy-to-use relay series In addition to a wide selection of relays, Omron provides an easy-to-use relay series with Push-In Plus technology. All these relays come with release levers as standard for easy relay locking and releasing. The ability to be installed with either the top or bottom facing up enables flexible, efficient wiring inside panels. Omron also provides many accessories that make I/O products more convenient. The series includes: · PYF-PU (sockets for MY relays) · P2RF-PU (sockets for G2R-S relays) · G2RV-SR/G3RV-SR (slim I/O relays) · G70V (I/O relay terminals) Temperature controllers Since December 2011, the E5xxC digital temperature controller series has received favourable reviews due to its good performance, easy-to-read panels, and ease of use. Now the E5xxC-B series with Push-In Plus terminals helps reduce the time and work involved in wiring by inserting wires simply without having to use tools. DIN rail terminal blocks The XW5T/XW5G DIN rail terminal blocks use Push-In Plus technology. The minimum width of 3.5 mm saves wiring work and installation space. Omron is also launching screw-type DIN rail terminal blocks to complement 'high' current ranges, and to cater for screw-wiring needs. OMRON ELECTRONICS (PTY) LTD Telephone: 011 579 2600 Direct Email: 9


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