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Jan/Feb Edition 14.1 - 2017

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Join us on Social Media KIRA VALVES INVESTS IN CNC LATHE accommodate both production and jobbing orientated quantities. We offer CNC machining (turning and milling) and conventional machining services, which allows us to manufacture a range of valves and products. We can accommodate both production and jobbing orientated quantities, as our machining capabilities go well beyond valve spares and conventional items”, says Krish Manichum. With rapid growth in this industry, different CNC lathe manufacturers use different user interfaces which sometimes make it difficult for operators as they have to be acquainted with them. With the advent of cheap computers, free operating systems such as Linux, and open source CNC software, the entry price of CNC machines has plummeted.[citation needed] Capacity of the CNC Lathe Model GA-2600 · Maximum swing diameter 580 mm · Swing over saddle cover diameter 400 mm · Maximum turning diameter 350 mm · Maximum turning length 600 mm · Maximum workpiece weight 230 kg · Chuck size 10” · Bar capacity diameter 65 mm Email: Tel: +27(011) 626 3312/6/7 Tel: +27(013) 656 3326 Website: 12 Kira Valves & Engineering, a Black Woman Empowered & BBBEE Level 1 Company, was established in 2005. We have been providing 10 years of market-leading products, services & solutions for the most challenging applications and have succeeded in supporting our clients to keep their maintenance costs to a minimum. Kira Valves comprises of a highly motivated team of 33 personnel, dedicated to quality, excellent delivery & exceptional customer services. Our processes are controlled and coordinated by our ISO 9001 & OHSAS 18001 Standard Management Systems that measure our quality, delivery and safety standards. The expertise of our personnel, who are familiar with the design principals of pressure vessels, guarantee that quality is not compromised. Further to this, Kira Valves & Engineering are Eskom Level 1 accredited which allows us to work on high pressure works. Kira Valves & Engineering has recently invested in a CNC Lathe which is yet another improvement to the workshop. CNC lathes are rapidly replacing the older production lathes to their ease of setting, operation, repeatability and accuracy. They are designed to use modern carbide tooling and fully use modern processes. The part may be designed and the tool paths programmed by the CAD/CAM process or manually by the programmer and the resulting file uploaded to the machine, and once set and trialled the machine will continue to turn out parts under the occasional supervision of an operator. “Kira Valves and Engineering has decided to purchase its first CNC lathe in order to keep up with the current technological demand”, says Krish Manichum. The machine is controlled electronically via a FANUC computer menu style interface; the program may be modified and displayed at the machine, along with a simulated view of the process. The setter/operator needs a high level of skill to perform the process, however the knowledge base is broader compared to the older production machines where intimate knowledge of each machine was considered essential. These machines are often set and operated by the same person. The machine is equipped with turrets which holds the multiple tool holders and indexes them as needed, the spindle holds the work piece and there are slides that let the turret move in multiple axis simultaneously. This machine is totally enclosed to reduce occupational health and safety (OH&S) issues. “We offer CNC (turning and milling) and conventional machining services. We can

2016 - STAFSJö VALVES CELEBRATE 350 YEARS AND ARE NOW STRONGER THAN EVER Established already in 1666, Stafsjö is one of the oldest operating companies in Sweden. Production commenced with the manufacture of cannons for the Swedish armed forces and remained the core business activity for two centuries. In 1881, the production of valves started and in 1928 the first knife gate valve was launched for the paper and pulp industry in the region. In recent years, Stafsjö has invested over Euro 5 million in order to expand its production. Within four years the annual turnover should be Euro 20 million annually. This goal will be attained with new products, within new market sectors and in new countries, whilst simultaneously strengthening the position on existing markets with the existing range of products. Together with their customers, the Stafsjö team work to understand the demands placed, not only on today's processes, but also those of tomorrow. By ensuring that Stafsjö valves are in stock around the globe Stafsjö operates as a fast and flexible supplier of high performance knife gate valves for complex processes in varying dimensions. Stafsjö is a well-known name amongst major players within paper and pulp, mining, power generation and water treatment. More than 1 million Stafsjö valves have been installed around the world and 86% of production is exported. Stafsjö has seen huge growth in the USA, Australia, South Africa and South East Asia, the latter primarily driven by Indonesia. An initiative made in the mining industry in Mexico has also been successful. Stafsjö have a product portfolio covering a broad range of knife gate valves. Stafsjö's extensive experience of high performance shut-off valves with superior flow characteristics enables the development team to push this technology still further. STAFSJö Valve & Automation are the exclusive agents for Stafsjö valves. For more information please contact Valve & Automation +27(0) 11 397 2833, SKF LENDS A HELPING HAND TO OEM CUSTOMER Few companies have remained unaffected by the protracted economic downturn with many having to introduce cost cutting measures in order to keep up their bottom line. The important role of customer support and service takes on even greater significance against the backdrop of a volatile economic landscape. So when, in September 2016, a longstanding key SKF customer asked for assistance with OEM assemblies, SKF did not hesitate in finding a suitable solution. The general engineering, machining and fabrication specialist, who uses SKF bearings, seals, and circlips, recently initiated a number of streamlining processes that included downsizing in order to remain competitive. Now short-staffed, the engineering company still had a number of projects that needed completion and this is where SKF was asked to step in. SKF dispatched a team of Mechanical Field Technicians to assist the OEM in completing the necessary assemblies. The technicians' quick and reliable service ensured that all projects which included bearing housing assemblies for floatation machines were completed successfully and on time. In addition to cost savings, the use of SKF's expertise also enabled the engineering company to ensure first-class service delivery to its customers. Lending assistance has further strengthened the relationship of trust with the OEM customer and has bolstered SKF's reputation as a reliable business partner that is always ready to assist customers wherever and whenever needed. Tel: +27 (0) 11 821 3602 / Fax: +27 (0)86 681 4342 13


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