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December 2016 Edition 13.6

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The real and virtual worlds integrating at a steadily increased pace, the Internet of Things is pushing the evolutionary journey towards the fourth industrial revolution with various far reaching consequences. This fourth industrial revolution will not only herald change for the industrial sector, but will also have a major impact on how we live and work in general. Therefore, we are launching Africa 4.0 as a digital platform to the latest trends, technology and views regarding the IoT and Industry 4.0. Please subscribe to this magazine and always keep up to date with worldwide developments for smart factories, Industrial Internet of Things, smart manufacturing, advanced manufacturing and more.

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Join us on Social Media 2016 - STAFSJÖ VALVES CELEBRATE 350 YEARS AND ARE NOW STRONGER THAN EVER Innovation and local availability worldwide are Stafsjö's strengths. Established already in 1666, Stafsjö is one of the oldest operating companies in Sweden. Production commenced with the manufacture of cannons for the Swedish armed forces and remained the core business activity for two centuries. In 1881, the production of valves started and in 1928 the first knife gate valve was launched for the paper and pulp industry in the region. In recent years, Stafsjö has invested over Euro 5 million in order to expand its production. Within four years the annual turnover should be Euro 20 million annually. This goal will be attained with new products, within new market sectors and in new countries, whilst simultaneously strengthening the position on existing markets with the existing range of products. Together with their customers, the Stafsjö team work to understand the demands placed, not only on today's processes, but also those of tomorrow. By ensuring that Stafsjö valves are in stock around the globe Stafsjö operates as a fast and flexible supplier of high performance knife gate valves for complex processes in varying dimensions. Stafsjö is a wellknown name amongst major players within paper and pulp, mining, power generation and water treatment. More than 1 million Stafsjö valves have been installed around the world and 86% of production is exported. Stafsjö has seen huge growth in the USA, Australia, South Africa and South East Asia, the latter primarily driven by Indonesia. An initiative made in the mining industry in Mexico has also been successful. Stafsjö have a product portfolio covering a broad range of knife gate valves. Stafsjö's extensive experience of high performance shut-off valves with superior flow characteristics enables the development team to push this technology still further. Valve & Automation are the exclusive agents for Stafsjö valves. VALVE & AUTOMATION Telephone: +27 11 397 2833 E-mail: READ MORE

VERIFI EQUIPMENT MONITORING USING THE INTERNET TO VERIFI YOUR FIRE RISK EXPOSURE! Subscribe to our Digital Magazine Digital Newsletter The Sperosens Verifi system provides an encompassing, accurate, always-available status of various critical systems such as fire protection, operational and facilities equipment. Verifi monitors and reports the real-time status and fault conditions to users. In accordance with SANS requirements the user can obtain electronic records of inspections and events. All sources of information are communicated to a remote control room, from where the safety and operational readiness of all systems can be closely monitored and logged 24/7. The control room also operates as the go-between to and from a facility and the fire brigade, ensures that fire alarms are not false, and that emergency response personnel are notified. The property manager or owner can also be notified by SMS or alarms per their personal preference. Real-time computer displays provide a detailed overview of the entire facility, including event logging, alarming and reports. The Verifi system provides the user with peace of mind that the investment in fire protection or other critical systems is worthwhile. Early warning is given to report faulty equipment or overdue inspections to prevent loss of property, loss of lives, income and downtime. Verifi measures parameters and communicates the data using the Internet of Things (IoT) communication technology. The system uses several technologies to form a user friendly picture of the state of critical systems: · Using the Internet of Things, the system is able to remotely monitor fire water pressure, fire water reservoirs, suppression gas pressure, faults and fires over distances as far as 8km, without the need for SIM cards or antennae. · Using NFC tagging, the system forces discipline to do visual audits of equipment such as fire reels, fire extinguishers, water pumps, fire doors, piping and nozzles. On this equipment several metrics can be audited, such as pressure in fire extinguishers, damage to fire reels, or obstacles in fire doors. · Using standard instrumentation technologies, the system can measure many parameters such as air temperature, air flow speed, equipment on/off status, ambient gas concentrations such as CO, LP, CO2 and more. Customers can benefit from: · Easily Obtainable Fire Audit information where legal responsibility applies · Early fault detection to plan preventative maintenance · Ensure the safety of people, inventor y, infrastructure and income · Early warning prevents damage · Possible reduction of insurance costs · Early warning when events occur · 24/7, 365 Dashboard information of threats, events and failures Applications include Fire Safety Systems in Buildings, Service Delivery Companies to provide data on i.e. reservoir levels, flow, cooling, overheating or any other critical data, Warehouses, Factories, Office Complexes, Hotels, and Shopping Malls. Sperosens have a team of Fire Engineers, Hardware and Software engineers to make sure products and solutions meet specific customer requirements. For more product information for your own use or re-sell opportunities please contact: SPEROSENS Telephone: +27 82 557 3463 E-mail:


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