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December 2016 Edition 13.6

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The real and virtual worlds integrating at a steadily increased pace, the Internet of Things is pushing the evolutionary journey towards the fourth industrial revolution with various far reaching consequences. This fourth industrial revolution will not only herald change for the industrial sector, but will also have a major impact on how we live and work in general. Therefore, we are launching Africa 4.0 as a digital platform to the latest trends, technology and views regarding the IoT and Industry 4.0. Please subscribe to this magazine and always keep up to date with worldwide developments for smart factories, Industrial Internet of Things, smart manufacturing, advanced manufacturing and more.

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Please subscribe to this magazine and always keep up to date with worldwide developments for smart factories, Industrial Internet of Things, smart manufacturing, advanced manufacturing and more. • The infrastructure for cloud-connected digital services that enables the delivery of cloud-based connected apps, analytics, services, control and monitoring “Our advanced platform connects the three layers of the technology stack through an elastic cloud backbone that leverages the full power of our partnership with Microsoft,” said Cyril Perducat, Executive Vice President, Digital Transformation and IoT, Schneider Electric. “The platform has become the foundation for smarter grids, buildings, data centers and industrial plants, enabling our customers to reach new levels of efficiency and sustainability and provides a path to maximize the power of their operational data.” Innovation at Every Level: Future-proof Reference Architectures Schneider Electric delivers these efficiency and sustainability solutions to customers through a set of core reference architectures. The architectures build on the company’s deep domain expertise and portfolio and are tested, validated and tailored for its core end markets of Buildings, Grid, Industry and Data Centers, with even more specific architectures also available for industrial plants, industrial machines, and power distribution. The architectures give customers access to documented and standardized system reference designs that can be used in the implementation of interoperable, sustainable, efficient and connected systems. “Smarter, more precise operations is the future for every industry,” said Vernon Turner, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Systems, IDC. “Customers are looking for answers on how to best take advantage of today’s IoT-enabled digital world to be as differentiated, efficient and sustainable as possible. If you don’t have a ‘sense and respond’ model with listening, scalable, measurable, agile networks and systems, you won’t be able to connect and extract that value.” Schneider Electric also announced it is working with established partners such as Microsoft and Intel, and new partners who the company will be working with to create or co-create customer solutions and applications. For more information on this ecosystem of partners, see the accompanying press release. For more information on EcoStruxure, please visit w.jsp. SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC SOUTH AFRICA Telephone: +27 11 230 5880 (All countries) E-mail: AFRICA 4. Information, Tech Trends Interviews and More... Utilizing the next Revolution. All products for @Work

Now Launching: TAILORED CONTROL AND SWITCHGEAR PACKAGES FOR AFRICA: ROCKWELL AUTOMATION COLLABORATES WITH LOW VOLTAGE SWITCHBOARDS Rockwell Automation Sub-Saharan Africa is marking seven years of successful collaboration with panel and cabinet assembler Low Voltage Switchboards. It is a collaboration that is leveraging increased market competitiveness by maximising the capabilities of the industrial automation specialist to package its IEC-rated drive and control equipment in tailored, fully compliant panel technology solutions to industrial markets in sub- Saharan Africa. The fruits of this collaboration are today seen in some of the largest mining and industrial projects across the region. The association includes the assembly of Rockwell Automation switchgear and controlgear in Low Voltage Switchboards' modular panel and cabinet configurations. “Our collaboration with Low Voltage Switchboards broadens our project delivery capabilities with synergies from both sides,” explains Adrian van Wyk, Business Manager – Power and Components Business, Southern & Sub-Saharan Africa, Rockwell Automation. “As Rockwell Automation, we supply a product and the technical ability to deliver solutions required from a customer perspective; which Low Voltage Switchboards then integrates into a structure so that the solution meets both customer and local specifications. It's an integral part of increasing the competitiveness of Rockwell Automation in delivering full-scale projects that meet local end user- and application-specific standards and quality requirements.” The association demonstrates Rockwell Automation Sub-Saharan Africa's continuing strategy to align with independent suppliers to facilitate attractive, competitive and innovative product solutions to industrial end users. “We seek out strategic alliances and collaborators that fit with Rockwell Automation's view of maximum quality standards through a solution with maximum compliance,” van Wyk continues. In a company like Low Voltage Switchboards, with a track record of over 18 years, Rockwell Automation has an independent panel building agent that leverages its knowledge of regional industrial applications to supply customised solutions to the specific requirements of each industry and workspace. “Low Voltage Switchboards is an SABS-certified assembler of IEC 60439- and 61439-compliant electrical switchboards, aligning ourselves with the CUBIC modular panel system brand,” explains Stephan Smit, Operations Director, Low Voltage Switchboards. “These systems provide solutions for main distribution boards, marine panels, MCCs, fully withdrawable systems, PLC panels, 19” modular racks and desks in a range of steels.” Strategic wins Since its formation in 2009, the collaboration has supplied EC&I systems to some of the largest mining projects in the world, including the world's twolargest gold mines, located in Central Africa. “These are systems providing critical control functions in tremendously hostile environments, with high ambient temperatures and high humidity in extremely remote locations,” van Wyk explains. “We've supplied equipment to a large portfolio of mining projects in sub-Saharan Africa that cover a range of minerals, from a large ilmenite plant in Madagascar to uranium mines in Namibia. Outside of mining, we've supplied critical solutions in oil and gas; food and beverage; and water and wastewater treatment plants.” In what is becoming an increasingly important component of successful business expansion in today's industries, Rockwell Automation Sub- Saharan Africa's collaboration with Low Voltage Switchboards demonstrates the value of strategic synergies in packaging complete, customised solutions that offer attractive and competitive project bids to market. ROCKWELL AUTOMATION Telephone: +27 (11) 654 9700 (RSA/SSA Head Office) E-mail: AFRICA 4. Information, Tech Trends Interviews and More... Utilizing the next Revolution. PROPER FLOW CONSULTING AND SELECTION REDUCE PIPING, DESIGN AND INSTALLATION COSTS Emerson and FLEXIM are collaborating to help process customers optimize their flow process design, flow meter selection and flow meter installation on capital projects to reduce execution risk and costs. With customers under severe pressure to reduce schedule and cost targets on capital projects, Emerson’s project teams, using FLEXIM’s clamp-on, ultrasonic flow metering portfolio in combination with Emerson’s broad, in-line flow metering offering, are able to consult early and throughout the project cycle to reduce engineering, piping and installation costs as well as schedule risk. FLEXIM’s non-intrusive flow metering offering is the leader in the clamp-on, ultrasonic marketplace and provides the best reliability and the most advanced capability when addressing difficult applications with a non-intrusive flow solution. This joint cooperation will improve delivery of the exact flow solution needed by clients while supporting Emerson’s Project Certainty – a transformational approach to enabling top-quartile performance in capital projects. By empowering project teams with flow expertise to work with clients early in project phases, Emerson has consistently eliminated cost, accommodated change and reduced complexity on capital projects. The non-intrusive nature of FLEXIM’s ultrasonic flow meters makes this product a powerful contributor to reduced engineering, piping and installation costs as well as schedule risk, given that it can be installed after piping is fabricated. Emerson and FLEXIM will collaborate to ensure less time is spent on engineering and installation through the selection of the optimal flow solution for a given application by leveraging the most comprehensive flow portfolio available. “In today’s market, we are seeing that our customers are looking for us to advise them early in their project cycle on technology to ensure streamlined and cost-effective project execution,” said Bret Shanahan, vice president of flow solutions, Emerson Automation Solutions. “We are pleased to be working with FLEXIM to provide our clients with the most appropriate flow solution that can be applied and support greater capital efficiency.” “FLEXIM is excited to partner with Emerson on capital projects; our flexible, world-class, noninvasive meters are a perfect fit with Emerson’s experienced projec t teams,” said Guido Schwanekamp, managing director sales and marketing of FLEXIM. “Together we will be able to offer fully customized solutions that are tailor made for a wide variety of capital projects aimed at reducing capital expenditures while increasing efficiency for our clients and reducing total cost of ownership at the same time.” FLEXIM For more information, visit EMERSON AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS Telephone: +27 11 451 3700 Contact Us


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