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December 2016 Edition 13.6

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The real and virtual worlds integrating at a steadily increased pace, the Internet of Things is pushing the evolutionary journey towards the fourth industrial revolution with various far reaching consequences. This fourth industrial revolution will not only herald change for the industrial sector, but will also have a major impact on how we live and work in general. Therefore, we are launching Africa 4.0 as a digital platform to the latest trends, technology and views regarding the IoT and Industry 4.0. Please subscribe to this magazine and always keep up to date with worldwide developments for smart factories, Industrial Internet of Things, smart manufacturing, advanced manufacturing and more.

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Join us on Social Media HELUKABEL APPS Current catalogs, brochures and flyers on your tablet Download your HELUKABEL App today iPad App Get the new HELUKABEL iPad App! So you always have access to the latest catalogues and brochures Social Media Pages CONFIGURE AND READ INSTRUMENTS VIA APP AND SMARTPHONE With the new CPG1500 precision digital pressure gauge from WIKA, customers can now also communicate with it via smartphone. The corresponding mobile app, “myWIKA device”, can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store. Via the app and the WIKA-Wireless connection, the CPG1500 can be conveniently configured for test and calibration tasks via mobile phone. During the pressure measurement, the measured value is shown on the display in the desired unit. Moreover, users can access further parameters such as temperature and pressure change rate and also additional instrument information via the WIKA website. The app also enables the configuration, control and storage of log operations. Since the app also communicates with the WIKA-Cal software, the logged data can be transmitted wirelessly for further processing on a suitable computer. The new mobile app is currently available for smartphones with Android operating systems. For the time being, its functions relate only to the CPG1500 - however, versions for other WIKA calibration instruments are already planned. WIKA INSTRUMENTS (PTY.) LTD. Telephone: +27 11 621 00 00 E-mail:

PROCESS VACUUM: BUSCH PUMPS CONTINUE TO LEAD THE WAY IN INNOVATION Businesses around the world look to Busch for innovation in the vacuum pump industry. Many companies are dependent on Busch to provide them with the vacuum pump technology needed to operate effectively and competitively in the global economy. This world leader in vacuum pump technology is registered with ISO 9001-2000 and has always illustrated their commitment to producing the very best quality and high-performing vacuum products. The first Busch vacuum pump was manufactured in 1963 and since then, the manufacturer has grown to achieve global recognition and dominance. Today, Busch has more than 30 companies and four manufacturing plants around the world. You can find a Busch vacuum pump for just about every application, whether you are looking for a single pump or a complete system. You choose products by their working range and they can also be tailored to meet your company’s specific needs. Some of the most popular Busch vacuum pump ranges include the Huckepack Series and the Fossa Series, among many others. With double-stage compression, the Huckepack pumps lead the way forward in the vacuum pump sector across the globe with their powerful and strong fresh oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps. These pumps are used to handle solvent and condensable gases, thanks to their high water vapour tolerance. Subscribe to our Digital Magazine Busch Pumps – An Answer to High Vacuum Applications The Fossa Scroll range of vacuum pumps from Busch is ideally used in high vacuum applications that are dry and clean. Providing an oil-free and noncontact compression, along with low noise levels and compact, light-weight size, the Fossa Scroll vacuum pumps continue to lead the way forward in innovation. This pump is popularly used in important sectors, such as electronics, laboratories, research and semiconductors. The Cobra NC series of vacuum pumps from Busch is considered screw vacuum pumps. These work on the oil and water free compression principle. It is a pump that is exceptionally compatible with water and liquid vapours, making it perfectly suited for use in chemical, plastic and pharmaceutical processes. With its simple and robust construction and high volumetric efficiency, it also provides easy access to pump internals and an improved cooling system. Take Your Operations to the Next Level with Busch Vacuum Pumps With more than 50 years of experience in the vacuum and compressors industry, Busch continues to provide the very best quality solutions and innovation available. At Process Vacuum, we are proud to be official distributors of Busch pumps in South Africa. We work hard to bring the innovation of Busch pumps to the South African economy, and provide our products at the most competitive rates around. Throughout our long history of service in the industry, we have curated a range of vacuum solutions and technologies that are unique, and that Digital Newsletter allows us to tailor the correct solution to your needs. Whether you are in search of steam ejectors, dry vacuum or liquid ring vacuum pumps, mechanical boosters or flat-sided and conical pumps, we have the solution. However, our service doesn’t stop there. We also provide vacuum pump repairs, testing and training solutions, in an effort to help our valued customers get the best returns on their investment and enjoy the best value for money. Aside from providing Busch pumps to the South African economy, we also represent others of the world’s best vacuum equipment manufacturers, including Mtus, Edwards UK, ERTP Hibon and Garuda, to name only a few. When it comes to understanding the needs of our customers and supplying the correct vacuum systems to meet those needs, we have the edge. We tap into our years of industry experience to help our customers find the perfect solution for their vacuum needs, while keeping the prices competitive and accessible. Having access to the best liquid ring vacuum equipment and manufacturers in the world allows us to provide you with the reliable solutions and support that your business needs. We are proud of our service history and continue to provide each of our clients with the dedicated service expected of an industry leader. Whether you are looking for your next vacuum system or require training or repairs, we have the solutions that you need to take your business to the next level. Speak to our team of industry professionals for a tailored solution to your Busch vacuum pump needs. PROCESS VACUUM Telephone: +27 16 362 2761 E-mail:


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