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December 2016 Edition 13.6

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The real and virtual worlds integrating at a steadily increased pace, the Internet of Things is pushing the evolutionary journey towards the fourth industrial revolution with various far reaching consequences. This fourth industrial revolution will not only herald change for the industrial sector, but will also have a major impact on how we live and work in general. Therefore, we are launching Africa 4.0 as a digital platform to the latest trends, technology and views regarding the IoT and Industry 4.0. Please subscribe to this magazine and always keep up to date with worldwide developments for smart factories, Industrial Internet of Things, smart manufacturing, advanced manufacturing and more.

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Join us on Social Media FIRST CUT'S PALLET BLADE: 'NAILING' THE CUT WITH SPEED AND PRODUCTIVITY FOR AGRICULTURAL AND MANY OTHER SECTORS Pallets are widely used in agricultural environments, and it is inevitable that a fair number of these end up being damaged inadvertently. As pallets are typically not high-value items, repairs need to be done as quickly as possible by sawing off any damaged wood strips and replacing them. To do this, a hand-held reciprocating saw is ideal. However, the saw blade needs to be able to cut through both wood and nails without having the blade clog up or the teeth blunted. To do this, First Cut, a leading South African manufacturer and distributor of cutting consumables to the local market for 60 years, designed a blade with a varied pitch tooth configuration, which clears both wood swarf and metal particles from the cut efficiently. As the blade is used in a reciprocating hand-held power saw, it has been designed to be fairly rigid. To do this, First Cut developed a bi-metal blade, where the 'body' of the blade is of a softer material than the cutting edge, which is made of a hardened, highspeed steel (HSS), suited for high-speed cutting. The two types of steel are laser-welded together by the Swiss raw material supplier to form the blade blank. "It was a question of finding the right combination of metals for use in the bi-metal, without it being prohibitively expensive," says Ian McCrystal, CEO of First Cut. Considering that the quality of the cut is not a major consideration, and that there is every likelihood that rough handling will break the blade long before it goes blunt, the quality of the blade has to be a sensible compromise, he explains. However, as the blades work in a harsh and demanding environment, the pallet blades have been designed with rugged longevity in mind. "In developing a blade such as this, we started with a prototype, and working with feedback from the customer, developed a blade that was fit-forpurpose. For example, if the customer told us that the blades were going blunt too quickly, then we would work on improving the hardness of the teeth," he adds. A key part of First Cut's philosophy is never to turn away from a challenge. "It is our ingrained 'can do' attitude that sees us developing solutions such as these," says McCrystal. All the company's products are scrutinised regularly to see if further improvements can be made to them. In the case of this blade - which is manufactured in First Cut's Cape Town blade manufacturing facility - a number of improvements have been made over the years to the original design. Agriculture uses many varied types of First Cut blades. For example, every farmer has a hacksaw and conventional wood saw at least. Meat farmers and processors use a number of purpose-manufactured blades for their specialised applications. And then, for those farming timber, First Cut produces a range of specialised blades for cutting logs into planks. In addition, First Cut's capital equipment is used by manufacturers of agricultural equipment, for any number of applications from manufacturing a plough to constructing an irrigation system. "A farm of any size will have a tool room where equipment is repaired. Here First Cut can supply tools from measuring equipment to band saws," McCrystal continues. "For anyone in farming who has questions concerning cutting equipment or techniques, at First Cut we are always pleased to be able to offer consultancy or advice," he concludes. FIRST CUT (PTY) LTD Telephone: +27 11 614 1112 Contact Us

ENGEN SUPPORTS DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT'S #RIDEWISE CAMPAIGN The Department of Transport, in collaboration with Engen, the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) and Youth in Road Safety launched #Ridewise, a Festive Season Road Safety Campaign at the Engen Grasmere 1-Stop (South) in Gauteng on Saturday, 3 December. The initiative is aimed at increasing awareness around the dangers of texting and driving, driver fatigue and speeding and the impact it has on motorists and pedestrians. #Ridewise will be rolled out over a one-year period from December 2016 to November 2017, with ten activations hosted over this time. There will be a special focus over high traffic periods such as the Festive Season, Easter holidays and in October 2017, National Transport Month. On board to communicate driver safety messages to young South African drivers between the ages of 18-34 are well known celebrity DJ's, Dr Malinga and DJ Zinhle who will entertain motorists at Engen service stations and engage in a series of fun games and other cool activations. Minister of Transport, Dipuo Peters, will be actively involved in the campaign. Motorists are encouraged to look out for the Minister at select Engen service stations around the country this Festive Season, where she will help fill up cars and share key safety messages with motorists. Engen General Manager: Corporate Affairs, Tasneem Sulaiman-Bray says Engen is very excited to be part of #Ridewise. Subscribe to our Digital Magazine “We believe that this worthy i n i t i a t i v e w i l l r e d u c e unnecessary risk taking and change driver behaviour, ensuring increased road safety awareness, whilst making a meaningful difference to the lives of all South African road users.” Sulaiman-Bray says motorists and pedestrians share the responsibility of keeping themselves and others on the road safe. “A high portion of road fatalities in South Africa are pedestrian. Many of these people are victims of reckless driving where they are killed or injured through no fault of their own. This is why Engen believes road safety is everyone's business and why as a proud South African company we feel duty-bound to support road safety initiatives such as #Ridewise.” Engen's Corporate Social Investment Manager, Mntu Nduvane says that Engen's focus on health and safety is entrenched in every aspect of the company's operations and an integral part of their social investment efforts. “Our Engen Driver Wellness campaign, which targets truck drivers by providing free health screenings, is another of our initiatives that promotes driver safety.” Engen General Manager Corporate Affairs, Tasneem Sulaiman Bray with Minister of Transport Dipuo Peters Digital Newsletter Adds Nduvane: “Texting while driving is a serious problem and cause of accidents especially among our younger drivers. Education will help remind our country's drivers how life choices, such as driving while texting can have a serious impact on their safety and the safety of other drivers and pedestrians on the road.” ENGEN GROUP Telephone: +27 21 403 4312 E-mail:


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