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December 2016 Edition 13.6

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The real and virtual worlds integrating at a steadily increased pace, the Internet of Things is pushing the evolutionary journey towards the fourth industrial revolution with various far reaching consequences. This fourth industrial revolution will not only herald change for the industrial sector, but will also have a major impact on how we live and work in general. Therefore, we are launching Africa 4.0 as a digital platform to the latest trends, technology and views regarding the IoT and Industry 4.0. Please subscribe to this magazine and always keep up to date with worldwide developments for smart factories, Industrial Internet of Things, smart manufacturing, advanced manufacturing and more.

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Join us on Social Media KIRA VALVES & ENGINEERING Kira Valves & Engineering, a Black Woman Empowered & BBBEE Level 1 Company, was established in 2005. We have been providing 10 years of market-leading products, services & solutions for the most challenging applications and have succeeded in supporting our clients to keep their maintenance costs to a minimum. Kira Valves comprises of a highly motivated team of 33 personnel, dedicated to quality, excellent delivery & exceptional customer services. The company holds the following credentials: BBBEE Level 1 - ISO 9001:2008 - OHSAS 18001:2007 The expertise of our personnel, who are familiar with the design principals of pressure vessels, guarantee that quality is not compromised. We are suppliers to Sasol, Rand Water, Johannesburg Water, Eskom, Sappi, etc. Kira Valves & Engineering are Eskom Level 1 accredited which allows us to work on high pressure valves. Our Services Include: • CNC & Conventional Engineering • Valve Refurbishment • Site Work • Valve Trading • Sandblasting & Spray Painting • Machining, Manufacturing & Modifications • Fabrication, Welding & Strainers The Markets Served Include: • Mining • Power Generation • Petro- Chemical • Food • Pulp & Paper • Iron & Steel • Water Works • We are equipped with conventional & CNC m a c h i n e r y required fo r m o d i f i c a t i o n & manufacturing for an array of components. • Kira Valves & Engineering possesses a Valve Hydraulic Test Bench which can test up to 500 Bar. • The company has also added its input into the design specification of valves. • Our premises consist of a valve refurbishing facility which comprises of stripping, sandblasting, machining, welding, assembly, testing and spraying services. • Our experienced team are capable of performing services in-situ or to remove valves to our machine shop for complete refurbishment works. KIRA VALVES & ENGINEERING Telephone: +27 11 626 3312/6/7 E-mail: ICP-OES ANALYSIS OF CRUDE OIL PRODUCTS ICP-OES analysis of crude oil products was carried out according to ASTM D7691-11 on the High Resolution Array ICP-OES PlasmaQuant® PQ 9000 Elite equipped with temperature-controlled Organic Kit. A total of seven samples including crude oil, feed and vacuum gas oil samples were diluted to 10 mass % in mixed xylenes (SIGMA-ALDRICH) and matrix-matched calibration standards were prepared by spiking of Element Blank Oil 75cSt with organometallic standards S-21+K (100 ppm, 885 ppm), Hg (100 ppm) and As (100 ppm) all from CONOSTAN. Organometallic Yttrium (1000 ppm, CONOSTAN) was added as internal standard. Trace elements including Al, As, Hg, Mg, Ni, P, Pb, Si and V were determined by axial plasma views and elevated contents of Ca, K, Na and P were analysed radially. Due to the vertical plasma geometry of the V Shuttle Torch soot formation, memory effects and frequent torch replacement can be avoided. The total argon consumption of about 18 L/min sets a new standard in this industry and the analysis time per sample including sample transport and rinsing of the spray chamber was less than 3 minutes, which is rather exceptional given the detectability achieved. That is, matrix specific detection limits smaller than 10 μg/kg were obtained for all elements. In addition, method robustness was tested for crude oil samples B to E that exhibit Phosphorous contents in the range from 0.30 to 4.0 mg/kg. Good agreement was found between results obtained for three different emission lines (P 177.436, P 213.616 and P 214.914 nm) illustrating the unique analytical potential of the PlasmaQuant® PQ 9000 Elite for crude oil analysis. Offshore-produced oil contains considerable chlorine contents, which adversely affect the transportation and refining process. High temperature oxidation followed by coulometric titration is the ideal technique to determine this parameter but suffers from incomplete combustion, escalating with the sample complexity. But the intelligent flame sensor technology of multi EA® 5000 fully automatically takes the varied combustion behaviours of samples and different quantities into account, which leads to complete oxidation, small variations, less need for replicates, and a distinct reduction of maintenance requirements. Besides, it is twice as fast as common s y s t e m s, a l l o w s c a l i b r a t i n g t h e s y s t e m independently of the sample matrix, and ensures automated analysis even of unknown samples. Flame sensor technology – your advantages at a glance • A single method for sample matrices with the same state of aggregation •Matrix-dependent adjustment of process parameters is now redundant • No prior knowledge of the combustion behaviour of the samples required • No time-consuming method development • Uniquely high sample quantities • Guaranteed quantitative sample decomposition, no more soot formation in systems • Improved precision thanks to complete oxidation • Minimized effects of sample matrix • Clearly reduced maintenance effort SPECTROMETER TECHNOLOGIES Telephone: +27 21 905 0476 E-mail:

SKF ANNOUNCES 30% EQUITY TRANSACTION WITH GOLELO TRUST On 16th November 2016 the management of SKF South Africa (Pty) Ltd. announced the recent signing of a black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) ownership agreement with black women owned Golelo Trust. Despite ongoing policies and programmes to address the imbalances of the past, statistics show t h a t b l a c k w o m e n e n g i n e e r s a r e s t i l l disproportionately under-represented in the workforce. “Concerned about this shortfall in the field of engineering, SKF sees the education and development of black women engineers as crucial for the future of our industry as well as of the country as a whole,” states Ian Cillié, Managing Director, SKF South Africa. This drive is also in line with SKF's commitment to South Africa and its communities. Embracing its role as a responsible corporate citizen, SKF has been supporting a number of important projects and has, since 2007, been involved in two community projects that support children who are affected or infected by HIV/Aids. In addition to providing financial support to St. Francis' Rainbow Cottage and the Legae Day Care Centre in Daveyton, SKF employees are represented on the Board of Legae and offer management advice and time to both projects. Over the past few years, SKF South Africa has, together with recently acquired Lincoln Lubrication South Africa, been focusing meaningfully on the skills development of black people, including black people with disabilities, through learnership and Subscribe to our Digital Magazine apprenticeship programmes as well as study grants. Cillié explains that SKF has supported the country's policies and plans since the inception of BEE legislation which he says is more than a moral initiative: “It is a pragmatic growth strategy aimed at realising the country's full economic potential while helping to bring the black majority into the economic mainstream. So simply put, it is the right thing to do.” South Africa's stated goals of its Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Act align with SKF's global 'SKF Care' approach to running its business in a responsible manner. This approach addresses Business, Employee, Community and Environmental Care. SKF recognises the importance of contributing to all elements of the B-BBEE scorecard and has, since 2010, been meticulously working and focussing on all B-BBEE scorecard elements within its control. In 2013 SKF turned its attention to the final remaining element on the B-BBEE scorecard, that of Ownership. This culminated in the establishment of Golelo Trust. Golelo means 'growth' in Tswana and perfectly portrays the aim of the Trust: 'To grow and empower black women and thereby the economy and country through education and development'. “Ownership is a priority element in accordance with the Revised Code of Good Practice requirements and we recognise our responsibility to our customers and distributors in addressing this important scorecard criterion,” emphasises Cillié. Citing the benefits that ownership, and in particular black women ownership holds for SKF as a bearing and rotating engineering and technology specialist, Cillié says that the company will meet the requirements of its extensive customer base, particularly those within the mining sector. “Additionally, the significant improvement in our Digital Newsletter FLTR: Dr. Namane Magau (Independent Trustee), Corlé Grobler (Trustee and SKF Sub-Saharan Africa HR Manager), Dr. Nomonde Mabuya (Independent Trustee), Ian Cillié (SKF Managing Director). recognition level will also positively impact on the scorecards of our distributors who direct a significant portion of their procurement spend to SKF South Africa.” The selling of shares to Golelo Trust is a pivotal point in the company's illustrious 100 year history in South Africa but will not affect the day-to-day running of SKF and its focus on supporting customers with the best-in-class bearings, lubrication systems and ancillary products. The Chairperson of the Trust will be appointed as a nonexecutive director to the Board of SKF South Africa and all parties are committed to the continued profitable growth of the company and look forward to the contribution that Golelo Trust will make. “We are extremely excited and look forward to making a contribution to the South African economy through the empowerment of black women as the future leaders our of country,” concludes Cillié who confirms that the first engineering bursaries for black women will be granted in the 2017 academic year. SKF SOUTH AFRICA (PTY) LTD. Telephone: +27 11 821 3500 E-mail:


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