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African Petrochemicals Nov/Dec Edition 14.6 {2017}


SULZER APPOINTS US SALES MANAGER FOR HIGH VOLTAGE COILS One of the largest independent high voltage coil manufacturers, Sulzer, has appointed Janice Fillinger as the Sales Manager covering the US market. Janice will be responsible for medium and high voltage coil sales as well as developing new business in this competitive market where speed and quality are essential to customers. Janice has several years’ experience in coil insulation and maintenance and is looking to widen the existing market for high voltage coils in the US. Her main objectives will be to service existing customers and identify new customers that will benefit from high quality coils manufactured in a short time frame to ensure projects are delivered on time. Sulzer’s coil forming business is at the core of the electromechanical services offered by the company. With an in-house copper rolling mill, based in Birmingham, UK, Sulzer is able to create bespoke high voltage coils from raw materials 24 hours a day, shipping these worldwide to ensure minimal downtime for customers. “Sulzer has a great reputation within the industry for delivering even the most complex projects quickly and efficiently, all over the world.” says Janice. “The design and manufacturing expertise in Birmingham means that we can deliver every aspect of a motor or generator rewind – from a parts-only contract to a turnkey repair and installation project.” Due to the vital role that both large motors and generators play within an industrial process, it is essential that this equipment is properly maintained to avoid unplanned downtime. Sulzer is an independent, technically advanced and innovative service and maintenance provider for all types of rotating equipment that can deliver a comprehensive service to customers across the world. Image Caption: Janice Fillinger, US Sales Manager for high voltage coils at Sulzer About Sulzer Sulzer is the leading worldwide, independent service provider for large rotating equipment. With technically advanced and innovative service and maintenance support solutions, Sulzer provides a turnkey service that provides its customers with the peace of mind to focus on their core operations. Included in this package is a highly efficient and dependable highvoltage coil manufacturing and supply service, delivered from a purpose built facility within the Birmingham Service Centre, UK. Janice Fillinger, US Sales Manager for high voltage coils at Sulzer. It is recognized for producing very high quality coils for high voltage motors and generators; designed, manufactured and shipped by a highly skilled and dedicated team to ensure fast and reliable service. With an in-house copper rolling mill, Sulzer customers can benefit from round-the-clock manufacturing to ensure that every coil is delivered on schedule. In conjunction with constant quality control and full HV on-site testing facilities, Sulzer can deliver quality, precision and speed, any time, day or night. For further information: E-mail Tel +44 (0)121 766 6161. CID 510 – Cetane Ignition Delay Accurate analysis of Derived Cetane Number (DCN) is an important tool, for diesel and biodiesel fuel blenders and refineries to maintain fuel consistency and quality. Existing technologies such as CFR Engine and CVCC methods do not meet present market requirements with their high investment and operational cost, difficult operation and poor system performance. Herzog/PAC pioneered the Cetane ID 510 instrument: a unique technology that is proven to provide the best precision in the market for determining DCN of all types of Diesel Fuels, Biodiesel, FAME, HVO, BTL, and GTL. It is a compact, easy to use, and fully automated analyser, that offers excellent return on investment, and is, in compliance with today’s safety requirements. The CID 510 patented method is approved as standard ASTM D7668 and officially approved in diesel specifications: ASTM D975, ASTM D6751 and ASTM D7467. The CID 510 is proven to offer the best performance in the market. The excellent precision and correlation of this technology allows refineries to run their process closer to the specification limit for the cetane number. In addition, the costs associated with cetane improvers, is reduced, which ultimately increases a refinery’s profitability. The initial investment cost is less than half of the competition. With the CID 510 the cost for reference fuels, and the operator and maintenance cost can be reduced by 80%. 30

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