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African Petrochemicals May/June Edition 15.3 {2018}

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VALVE COMPANY CELEBRATES 20 YEARS SUPPLY OF BUTTERFLY VALVES IN SOUTH AFRICA. Valve group, TTV Fluval, founded by Frank Olsen in 1998 is celebrating 20 successful years of business in South Africa. The company was originally established with only one valve manufacturing brand, TTV butterfly valves of Spain. Today TTV Fluval offer a wide range of valves and valve actuation products. These include Fluval valves Spain, Pekos ball valves Spain, TTV pneumatic actuators, Ontrac electric actuators, china, Power Genex positioners, korea, Fritz Barthel Marine Valves & samplers Germany. 30 Over the years TTV butterfly valves have continuously shown improvements in R&D, quality and support for this sought after mechanical product. Butterfly valves are versatile, group CEO Olsen explains. They are used for isolating or regulating flow. The valve body is full bore to the pipe diameter with the closing mechanism in the form of a disc. Even in the open position the valve disc is always present in the flow. TTV’s design on the elastomer valves, has a shaft with a spline drive to the disc, this ensures that the flow media is only in contact with the valve liner, elastomer and the valve disc, substantially reducing corrosion as the media is never in contact with the valve shaft or body. The sealing arrangement coming from the disc seating resiliently into the rubber elastomer. The disc is actuated via the shaft from a hand lever, gear operator or actuator. TTV manufacture a cast body in a wide variety of material from cast iron to alloys. The cast iron and ductile iron body comes in a coating of epoxy or Rilsan nylon for protection of the surrounding elements. The technology of the elastomer seating has been the most noticeable improvement over the past 50 years. New materials driven by industry demands, to handle severe services such as abrasion and corrosion resistance, higher temperatures and pressure of the process and mining applications. Butterfly valves are used in all industries today including, mining, oil & gas, petrochemical process, power generation, solar, water and desalination, food & beverage, marine, naval and shipbuilding industries, We offer the full range of TTV butterfly valves, from concentric design, (zero off-set), elastomer lined wafer type low pressure general industrial valves, mining hi- abrasion resistant polyurethane lined and PTFE for high chemical resistance. These are light weight valves, economical to install and service. The concentric design named from the assembly arrangement of the valve shaft and disc all being centralised in the valve body and bore. The valve liners are replaceable and interchangeable. All butterfly valves are quarter-turn from shutoff to fully open making automation simple and cost effective. The most popular basic butterfly valve supplied in South Africa is a wafer body design in pressure rating pn10 and pn16 the simplistic design is the success of this valve. TTV also supply a double eccentric design butterfly valve for higher pressures, this design incorporates 2 offsets giving these valves their name. One offset between the shaft and the valve body, the second offset between the valve shaft and disc to the valve bore. This design reduces the resistance between the valve seating, prolonging valve life. We manufacture these butterfly valves in various materials, ductile iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze and alloys. TTV’s latest design double eccentric valve branded “Colossus” has an interchangeable metal seat ring in 316 stainless steel and a PTFE seat ring. This giving the customer an option of metal seated or soft seated double eccentric valve with a short delivery time. TTV Fluvals’ High- performance valve for severe service, (harshest conditions of critical process) and sealing requirements, is a triple eccentric butterfly valve. This design incorporates a third offset, the axis of the seat cone angle is offset from the valve centreline bore. This provides an uninterrupted valve sealing surface, improves cycle life and 100% tight sealing in both directions. The break torque off the valve seat is vastly reduced, making the actuation size smaller thereby reducing cost of automation. These valves can handle high temperatures and pressures with low fugitive emission design. The metal seat ring is easily replaced making servicing inexpensive on these valves. They use both laminated metal seat and solid seat design. Olsen explains that the success over the years of butterfly valves can be summarised to these facts: they are compact, easily installed with less pipe support required. They have bi-directional sealing, zero leakage, quarter turn design making automation simple, cost savings, versatile design to include fire safe, elastomer and metal seated. The valve body design offers compact wafer, lugged & flanged type for end of line service.


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