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African Petrochemicals May/June Edition 15.3 {2018}

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2 x Rapid Allweiler ANSI

2 x Rapid Allweiler ANSI 495 1.5x3 13 pumps. RAPID ALLWEILER PUMPS LANDS ANSI HEAVY DUTY PROCESS PUMP CONTRACTS In January and September 2017, due to our short quotation and delivery times, first-class technical team, product quality and excellent aftersales services, Rapid Allweiler Pumps were awarded the contract for the supply of ANSI pumps for both phases of a new fertiliser production plant in Gauteng. Rapid Allweiler’s technical team was responsible for the correct pump selections for the various applications and our in-house foundry and manufacturing factory for the complete manufacture of the pumps and bases and the assembly and supply of the full pump sets. For the 1st phase of the project, due to all the chemical pumping applications operating at ambient temperature, the selected pump material was 316 stainless steel. From the duties supplied by the client, Rapid Allweiler selected and supplied the following full pump sets: • 2 x ANSI 495 1x2/10 • 4 x ANSI 495 1.5x3/13 Following installation and commissioning, no problems with any of the pumps were encountered and after more than one year of operation, the Rapid Allweiler ANSI pumps are still operating at design duties. 26 Because of the service and success of the 1st phase of the project, Rapid Allweiler Pumps was selected, during the second half of 2017, as the supplier of choice for the ANSI pumps for the 2nd phase of the project. For this phase the chemical pumping applications were all to be operated at temperatures exceeding 100˚C and for this reason Rapid Allweiler’s technical team selected CD4 Rapid Allweiler ANSI 495 1.5x3 13 pump.

MCU (duplex stainless steel) as the material of manufacture, due to its good corrosion resistance at high temperatures. From the client supplied duties the Rapid Allweiler team selected and supplied 4 x ANSI 495 2x3/13 full pump sets. Following installation and commissioning of the pumps, the client noticed that two of the pumps were leaking through the mechanical seal. The Rapid Allweiler technical team identified the following problems: • The pump suction pipelines had been installed incorrectly causing cavitation and water hammer; and • The auxiliary flushing pump (not Rapid Allweiler selected or supplied), used for continual flushing of the primary pump seals to prevent crystallisation of the chemicals being pumped, had been incorrectly specified and was not causing a positive pressure differential on the seal. After the suction pipelines had been correctly installed and a new auxiliary flushing pump (this time specified by Rapid) was installed, these problems were rectified. Rapid Allweiler supplied and installed replacement mechanical seals and no further problems were encountered. After more than 6 months of operation, these pumps continue to operate problem free at design duties. Once again proving that for the past 85 years, Rapid Allweiler Pumps has been and is your pump solution provider of choice. For more information on Rapid Allweiler Pumps, including our in-house stainless steel and SG iron foundry, our manufacturing factory, our pump repair centre, our pump test bay and the various services offered Rapid Allweiler ANSI 495 2x3 13 pump. by our technical teams and field-service installation, alignment and maintenance teams, please contact us or visit our website. Contact: Tel: 08600 RAPID Email: Web: CHEMICAL PROCESS PUMPS ANSI • Semi open impeller • Handle solids up to 25mm • Back pull out feature • Horizontal suction and Vertical discharge • Suitable for standard & heavy duty applications ANSI CLT CLB RA PUMP RANGE MINIMUM FLOW (m 3 /h) MAXIMUM FLOW (m 3 /h) MINIMUM HEAD (m) MAXIMUM HEAD (m) MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE ANSI 2 900 3 140 260˚C CLT 2 1050 3 140 180˚C CLB 2 450 3 140 180˚C CLT & CLB • High interchangeability of parts • Suitable for clean liquids & highly aggressive chemicals • Excellent hydraulic performance with low N.P.S.H required values Est. 1932 • Horizontal suction and Vertical discharge • Standard flanges conform to DIN 2543 PN16 • The wet end components made out of high grade Cast Stainless Steel • The entire range offers a high interchangeability, thus reducing spares stock holding 08600 RAPID 27


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