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African Petrochemicals May/June Edition 15.3 {2018}

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LATEST PLANTPAX DCS RELEASE EMPOWERS A CONVERGED WORKFORCE THROUGH A SMARTER, MORE INTUITIVE EXPERIENCE New capabilities in Rockwell Automation modern DCS help digitally transform process control operations for increased plant-wide value The latest PlantPAx DCS contains features based on input from process users. It aligns with industry standards to deliver a smarter, more intuitive and protected system to a broad range of process industries. With the latest release of the PlantPAx distributed control system (DCS) from Rockwell Automation, industrial producers can create smarter, more productive and protected operations. The new system capabilities include a more intuitive design and the ability to see contextualised information from plant assets. These improvements help digitally transform process control operations – helping to enable a Connected Enterprise with reduced time-to-market and a lower total cost of ownership. “The PlantPAx DCS has long helped make connectivity possible through its alignment with scalable, plant-wide automation technology and use of open communication standards,” said Christo Buys, Business Manager – Control Systems, Rockwell Automation Sub- Saharan Africa. “Now, Rockwell Automation is releasing capabilities that help process-control operations capture more value across the entire process plant.” Smarter – This system release leverages enabling technologies to eliminate a complexity barrier for small to mid-sized operations seeking to implement a DCS. By consolidating servers into a single machine, applications can implement the full functionality of a modern DCS. This simplification, which can be used on virtual or physical machines, reduces engineering time, licenses and system footprint by up to 75%. The modern DCS also features an expanded library that supports electrical protection devices, leveraging both EtherNet/IP and IEC-61850 standards. Connecting electrical functions with control extends plantwide integration, resulting in better plant control. Also, new standard control panel offerings ease implementation for a lower risk startup. Process Business, Rockwell Automation. “These innovations help companies leverage a modern DCS to more easily increase profits from plant-wide integration in a Connected Enterprise.” About Rockwell Automation Rockwell Automation Inc. (NYSE: ROK), the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information, makes its customers more productive and the world more sustainable. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., Rockwell Automation employs approximately 22,000 people serving customers in more than 80 countries. Enquiries: Christo Buys, Business Manager – Control Systems Rockwell Automation Sub-Saharan Africa Tel: +27 (0) 11 654 9700 Email: Website: Honeywell latest ControlEdge PLC product Honeywell’s new PLC is part of the ControlEdge family, a next generation family of controllers providing unprecedented connectivity through all levels of process and business operations. The result is optimized operations and maintenance efficiencies that release personnel from manual processes. ControlEdge PLC is one of the first controllers supporting Honeywell’s IIoT-ready initiative. The ControlEdge PLC, when combined with Experion, dramatically reduces integration costs for balance of plant operations, minimizes downtime through unified support, decreases risk with embedded cyber security, and lowers total cost of ownership through Experion-level extended system lifecycle. More Productive – The system features an expanded library of process objects that improve human interactions with the process, including the handling of alarms and abnormal situations. Simplified faceplate design provides a more intuitive user experience that is easier for training and support. The library also features historian templates to optimise the display of event information with real-time and historical data. Protected – With the PlantPAx DCS, users can now define access rights both by role and area, providing a new level of security through authentication and access privileges. The system release also expands network availability for I/O communications and extends the value of converged plant-wide architectures. “The latest system release of our PlantPAx DCS contains features based on valuable input from process users and aligns with industry standards to deliver a smarter, more intuitive and protected system to a broad range of process industries,” said Jim Winter, director, Global For more information, please contact Debi de Villiers Cell: 072 702 1148 Email: 21

THYSSENKRUPP SECURES EP CONTRACT FOR FIRST SKID-MOUNTED CHLORINE PLANT IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA The Process Industries business of thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions South Africa was successful in securing the engineering and procurement contract for a 45 tonne modular skidmounted chlorine plant in Tanzania, the first of its kind to be installed in Sub- Saharan Africa. Process Industries’ General Manager, Neville Eve, and Senior Manager for Special Projects Bruce Bassett, are spearheading the project and were instrumental in winning the contract. The duo are working in close collaboration with thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers based in Milan, Italy, who are responsible for the design, development and manufacture of this new lean method of project delivery for these standardised projects. thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions’ modular skid mounted 15 and 45 ton capacity chlorine plants are particularly suited to the African market as they offer a cost-effective and practical solution to industries on the continent who require small chlorine alkali plants for applications such as water treatment and mineral processing. Many African countries import chlorine and caustic but the quantities are not large enough to sustain chlorine alkali plants. Small quantity requirements coupled with the vastness of the continent makes importation expensive and economically unviable. An on-site chlorine production solution thus presents a better alternative to import. In the modular solution, electrolysis is built on multiple skids that fit into 40 foot containers that can be easily, quickly and cost-effectively transported to site. Construction and assembly is also fast and easy and requires only a small team, leaving only the non-modular plant sections to be stick built. Rapid project implementation and plant start up time result in substantial savings in terms of construction time and costs. “thyssenkrupp has installed of over 600 chlorine alkali plants around the world but the Tanzania project is our first involvement,” comments thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions South Africa CEO, Sub-Saharan Africa, Philipp Nellessen. “We are extremely excited about this project because it will help us to gain experience in one of thyssenkrupp’s flagship technologies.” “This project also demonstrates the strategic importance of thyssenkrupp’s presence in Africa through its South African subsidiary,” continues Nellessen. “The skid-mounted chlorine plant will boast the most up-to-date technology and emissions according to World Class Standards. We, as part of the global thyssenkrupp network, have the necessary capabilities and competencies to deliver a world-class technology in the form of the skid-mounted chlorine plant to Africa. This chlor-alkali project serves as a prime example of the successful combination of thyssenkrupp’s global technology and our local knowledge to offer a complete turnkey solution!” Alongside the development and delivery of products and technologies to boost the profitability of mines and plants in Africa, thyssenkrupp also embraces the growing trend of business-community collaboration. Any successful business, irrespective of industry, is able to develop the local community through employment and upskilling its people which ultimately helps to stimulate the economy of the country where the business is operating. The chlorine plant will be a significant step forward for Tanzania’s industrialisation efforts. The chlorine that will be produced by the plant will be used for disinfection and water treatment and is the basis for many industrial processes. With the help of this plant Tanzania will evolve from an importing to a self-sufficient exporting nation for these chemicals. “It is clear that there is enormous potential for the development of similar plants in Africa,” notes Nellessen. Oil and gas services company Serba Dinamik Holdings Bhd in a joint venture agreement with Junaco (T) Ltd. is responsible for the set up and running of the chlor-alkali plant. Janaco (T) Ltd. is part of the Junaco Group of Companies, a Tanzanian dynamic group with interest in varied businesses including water treatment, agriculture, technological solutions and logistical services. Junaco Group of Companies work in alliances and partnership with several world class manufacturers and service providers. Serba DInamik Holdings Bhd is taking up a 25% stake in a joint-venture company in Tanzania, Sufini Holding Ltd, a special purpose vehicle to hold 100% of equity in Msufini (T) Ltd, which in turn will own the plant directly and also provide assistance and support to Msufini. The ground-breaking ceremony took place in the Msufini area in Tanzania on Tuesday 24th April 2018. About thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions The Industrial Solutions business area at thyssenkrupp is a leading partner for the engineering, construction and service of industrial plants and systems. Based on more than 200 years of experience we supply tailored, turnkey plants and components for customers in the chemical, fertilizer, cement, mining and steel industries. As a system partner to the automotive, aerospace and naval sectors we develop highly specialized solutions to meet the individual requirements of our customers. More than 21,000 employees at over 70 locations form a global network with a technology portfolio that guarantees maximum productivity and cost-efficiency. For more information visit: Contact: thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (South Africa) Kgothatso Ntsie Marketing & Communications Tel: +27 11 236-1000 Fax: +27 11 236-1125 Email: Company blog: https://engineered. 22


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