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African Petrochemicals March/April Edition 14.2 {2017}

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VA PURGEMETERS WITH SURFACE PASSIVATION FOR TRACE-LEVEL ANALYSIS Optional surface treatment for all wetted parts to eliminate surface adsorption of chemically active compounds in analyser feed Inert silicon coating for cone, float, valve components, etc. Duisburg, April 5, 2016: For its variable area flow meters DK 32, DK 34 and DK 37, KROHNE now offers the option of surface passivation for trace-level analysis. Trace-level analysis is used for providing evidence of very small concentrations in the range of ppm (parts per million) to ppb (parts per billion). Here, it is very important that none of the particles to be detected are already adsorbed in the sample feed line as this would lead to a delayed or even wrong analysis result. Examples are the measurement of H2S content in natural gas or oil, mercury, or NOx/SOx flue gas analysis in various industries. VA purgemeters DK32, DK34 and DK37 now available with surface passivation for trace-level analysis special risk fire protection To avoid adsorption, sample feed lines, fittings and valves can be surface passivated. This can now also be applied to the DK 32, DK 34 and DK 37 all-metal purgemeters that are used for adjustment and monitoring of the sample flow to the analyser. Before being assembled and calibrated, all metal components in contact with the medium such as cone, float, valve components, etc., receive a SilcoNert 2000 inert silicon coating, a patented surface treatment at a temperature of 400°C / 752°F. The same is possible for wetted metal components of DK 46, DK 47, DK 48 and DK 800 glass devices. 8 SilcoNert 2000 is a registered trademark of SilcoTek. About KROHNE KROHNE is a full-service provider for process measuring technology for the measurement of flow, mass flow, level, pressure and temperature as well as analytical tasks. Founded in 1921 and headquartered in Duisburg, Germany, the company employs over 3,500 people all over the world and is present on all continents. KROHNE stands for innovation and maximum product quality and is one of the market leaders in industrial process measuring technology. Contact: Deon Rampathi Email: Tel: 011 314 1391 Web: The best known and respected American made Fire Hydrant ever made, Jones is an iconic product manufacturer of top quality Wet and Dry Barrel Fire Hydrants. Strong yet light weight, ductile iron construction. Mueller fire protection products have been relied upon by fire fighters for over 150 years. Nothing beats their historical reliability for resilient Wedge Valves and Gate Valves. +27 (0) 861 111 544 Mike: +27 (0) 83 251 9346



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