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African Petrochemicals March/April Edition 14.2 {2017}

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RADIATION SURVEY METER Fluke, represented locally by the Comtest Group has on offer the Fluke 481 Radiation Survey Meter - a portable and practical means for identifying irradiated goods, and for helping remediate contamination and safety issues while minimally impacting operations. Use of the device reassures employees that radiation risks are known, monitored and measured for their safety, protection and peace-of-mind. If radiation is found, a clear and quantifiable result allows managers to comply with safety guidelines, without overreacting and taking unnecessary steps that might halt operations, impact productivity or lead to lost revenue. Because the Fluke 481 is portable, it has diverse applications, from receiving dock to warehouse to shop floor, and scans vehicles, packages, or individuals. It can detect multiple types of ionizing radiation associated with contaminated goods. It was specifically designed for high sensitivity giving a greater safety margin which allows the operator to work at a safe distance. A simple two-button operation allows new users to perform surveys with basic training. The Fluke 481 delivers measurable results for compliance with safety guidelines, delivering exact information about the extent of contamination, so that safe perimeters may be set up. Key Features • Measures both dose and dose-rate • Detects skin-dose (beta particle) and deep-dose (gamma) and x-ray radiation • Use for contamination detection, general radiation area surveys, radiation level monitoring, and hazardous materials assessment • Easily visible inside truck trailers and other low-light conditions with automated backlight • Works reliably indoors or outdoors thanks to sealed case • 30% more accurate than other available meters • Delivers more than one week of continuous operation from two 9-volt alkaline batteries Comtest For more information on the Fluke 481 Radiation Survey Meter, or information about seminars, demos or to locate the nearest dealer, contact: 010 595 1821 or visit 30

THE SAIMC TSHWANE GOLF DAY The SAIMC Tshwane golf day was held on 22 March 2017 at the prestigious Centurion Country Club with Roelof from On Par Golf managing the event. Our three major sponsors of the day was Barnard Inc (who sponsored the scoring system in addition to taking a 4-ball and a watering hole), Afrilek Automation (2x 4-balls and a watering hole) and Loadtech Loadcells (a 4-ball and a watering hole). We were blessed with a absolute perfect golfing day and the golf course was in mint condition. Thank you to all the other sponsors who supported the golf day. 1st prize was a Cleveland 60 degree wedge for each player in the winning 4-ball 2nd prize was a Srixon toiletry bag for each player in the runner up 4-ball 3rd prize was a dozen Srixon balls for each player in the 2nd runner up 4-ball Endress+Hauser and Afrilek each sponsored the 4th and 5th prizes respectively Each of the consecutive 4-balls after that got the choice of a case of refreshments sponsored by players of the SAB Rosslyn 4-ball The longest drive prize was a Premium Srixon towel The closest to the pin prize was a solar phone charger sponsored by i-Smart SA, who also came to demo their mobile massaging device. Here are the list of the top 10 4-balls, longest drive and nearest to the pin winners: 1 RN instruments #1 2 AT Technical Services 3 Nidec 4 LoadTech Loadcells 5 Barnard Inc 6 Phoenix Contact 7 Vega 8 Levivi 22 9 SAB Rosslyn 10 Afrilek Automation #1 Longest Drive – Christiaan Luttig Nearest to the pin – Christiaan Prinsloo The SAIMC Tshwane branch is also working closely with FIRST Lego League South Africa - who came to visit us on the day and engaged with some of our champions of industry on how they could get involved in STEM education through support of the FLL SA program/teams/events. As mentioned before - here is the link with the photos taken by On Par Golf’s photographer: 31


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