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African Petrochemicals March/April Edition 14.2 {2017}

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The recent Secunda

The recent Secunda Petrochemical Roadshow was held at the Sasol Recreation Club on the 16th March 2017 SECUNDA PETROCHEMICAL ROADSHOW Thank you to all our exhibitors and visitors for making it a successful roadshow. 28

FIT-FOR-PURPOSE SOLAR CABLES Specialist cable manufacturer, Helukabel, has invested considerable resources in the development of a comprehensive range of cables and accessories exclusively for solar energy applications. This has positioned it as a world leader in the supply of cabling solutions for many of the world’s most advanced solar plants. Having also supplied cabling solutions for some of South Africa’s main solar projects, the company has also cemented its status as a local solutions provider of the highest quality. Most recently the list of solar plants is an impressive one and includes the latest plants in Kalkbult, Droogfontein and De Aar among others. The company is also gearing to supply several other newbuild projects throughout southern Africa. and branches with a host of accessories that include cable glands, protection tubes, shrink-on sleeves and cable ties. “An example of the Solarflex solutions is Helukabel’s Solarflex-X PV1-F solution specifically for the solar industry which is able to withstand the harsh environments of solar plants exceeds TÜV, CE, Rohs and VDE quality certifications to ensure the longevity of installation where it is used – which generally has an anticipated life of 25 years’ service,” Hardus says. All Solarflex cables are ozone, UV and weather resistant and are highly resistant to chemical interference, as well as fire and abrasion. In addition, the cables can be made in rodent resistant versions or to customer’s market with quality certified cables that are tailor-made to each individual energy sector’s requirements. Our offering thus far is unique in that we offer local consortiums responsible for building our renewable energy plants with a complete solution for all cabling requirements and where necessary are able to call on technical expertise of our international parent company to assist with any special requirement,” adds Through its research and investment in developing into finding quality tailormade solutions for specific operations the company has also become a global leader in the fields of robotics, mining, industrial and media technology applications in addition to its high and medium power transmission systems. Helukabel’s Solarflex range is specially designed and developed for use in solar and photovoltaic plant applications According to Helukabel South Africa sales manager, Hardus van Dyk, Helukabel’s foresight saw the company already developed appropriate solutions for photovoltaic applications in the early 90‘s with the development of its first photovoltaic (PV) cables which are still marketed under the well-known Solarflex trademark. These carry global approvals from TÜV and VDE. In combination with its state-of-the-art PV-connectors, the company can offer users in the photovoltaic industry with preassembled PV-cables and wires for quick plug-and-play on-site installation. Solar solutions These pre-assembled solutions include chains, PV wiring fuse/diode, pre-assembled potential equalization cables, adapters and other fit-for-purpose photovoltaic cables. Components in the solar range include panel boxes, male and female connectors exact requirements for specific sites. The bare copper, tinned and finely stranded cable is double insulated with cross linked Polyolefin while the outer sheath comprises the same material in a black, red or blue. The nominal voltage of this particular cable is rated at 600/1000 V AC and 1800 V DC. Other requirements unique to solar energy applications have also been researched and Solarflex-X PV1-F cables have been developed to enhance the operational efficiency of these sites. Renewable future While most projects awarded thus far are for solar photo voltaic (PV) cells, the company also has access to dedicated cabling solutions for wind farms in addition to its range of standard cables. “We are confident that we can supply every requirement of the local renewable energy About HELUKABEL South Africa HELUKABEL USA, (Pty) Ltd. is the wholly owned South African subsidiary of HELUKABEL GmbH, a leading international manufacturer of cables and wires with 24 locations throughout the world. In its 6,000-square meter, suburban-Johannesburg facility HELUKABEL South Africa stocks thousands of cables, wires and accessory line items for a multitude of industrial and commercial applications across a wide range of vertical market segments. Additionally, HELUKABEL South Africa has a large sales and distribution facility in Durban. Direct access to a 160,000 square-meter, fully automated warehouse with 33,000 line items, enables HELUKABEL South Africa to provide extremely short delivery times. HELUKABEL South Africa Tel: +27 11 462 8752 Fax: + 27 (0)86 600 2618 29


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