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African Petrochemicals March/April Edition 14.2 {2017}

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TAKING THE PULSE OF YOUR MEASUREMENT Operating plants with minimum costs using Heartbeat Technology Instruments having their own pulse beat – that describes the concept of Heartbeat Technology for maximum safety and the highest possible availability. The technology equips instruments with a comprehensive diagnostics and verification concept and also facilitates predictive maintenance. Costs for the provision of evidence for functional efficiency or SIL tests are thus reduced. Endress+Hauser has expanded it offering in the free space radar market with the addition of the new FMR 60, 62 and 67. These units use Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Technology (FMCW) of 80 GHz compared to the other units 6 GHZ or 26GHz which are also Pulsed frequencies. The use of the high frequency of 80 GHz brings several advantages to the table. This allows for larger measuring rangesup to 125m compared to 70m of pulse radar technology. Because of the shorter wavelength of the higher frequency this also leads to a more accurate measuring result of up to 0.5mm. FMCW evaluation with slightly higher dynamic range combined with the narrow beam of the 80GHz also helps in demanding applications. The addition of these units to Endress+Hauser’s existing Free Space Radar units provides for the best fit frequency for every application. In addition to the new FMCW technology Heartbeat Technology, a trend-setting and innovative smart sensor diagnostics and self-test concept, is also introduced. These parameters were available previously but were not as accessible as it is now with Heartbeat. This saves the customer costs in planning, commissioning and maintenance. Heartbeat Technology Endress+Hauser has had Heartbeat Technology since 2012, and this technology has led to rethinking instrument verification: Since then, more safety may be achieved with considerably less costs. The new FMR60, 62 and 67 series already features the preconditions for predictive maintenance and documented verification. This means that every measuring point may be verified and documented in-situ without any interruption of the process. A simple, predefined procedure guides the person responsible for maintenance through the verification procedure and, in the end, the verification results are documented in an unambiguous manner. The SIL test according to the safety manual and documentation saves time and reduces costs, too. An automatically generated verification protocol supports the evidence demanded by regulations, laws or plant standards. Heartbeat Technology provides instrument and process data thus facilitating trend recognition for predictive maintenance. The goal is always the optimisation in a targeted manner. Therefore, a combination of instrument and process parameters provides all of the important information for the next steps in maintenance or process optimisation. For further information, please visit Enquiries Hennie Blignaut Head of Department Marketing Endress+Hauser (Pty) Ltd Phone: 011 262 8007 22

2017 Proudly hosted by African Petrochemicals: The Engineering, Procurement and Construction Expo 1st June 2017 Leeuwkoop Golf Club Barbeque Downs Kyalami Petrochemical Roadshows Sasolburg Petrochemical Roadshow 20 July 2017 Flavius Mareka TVET College Durban Petrochemical Roadshow 2 November 2017 Amanzimtoti Civic Centre All Roadshows are from 10AM- 5PM Low-cost level measurement. Sensor for water management. VEGAPULS WL S 61 The radar sensor VEGAPULS WL S 61 is the ideal sensor for typical applications in the water and waste water industry. It is particularly suitable for level measurement in water treatment, in pump stations as well as storm water overflow tanks. The flood-proof IP 68 housing ensures a maintenance-free permanent operation. Your benefit Mystery Prize to be won on all shows Book you space now to avoid disappointment • Measuring range up to 8 m • Can be used outdoors without restriction • Flood-proof IP 68 housing • Operation via Bluetooth with Smartphone, tablet or PC Visit our website for more information: For more information contact Chantal Groom, VEGA Controls SA +27 (0) 11 795 3249, 23


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