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African Petrochemicals March/April Edition 14.2 {2017}

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HUMIDITY GENERATOR CALIBRATES PROBES WITH ACCREDITED 1,0% RH SYSTEM ACCURACY Portable humidity generator delivers fast, accurate multi-point calibration of humidity probes and loggers Fluke Calibration, represented locally by Comtest, introduces the 5128A RHapid-Cal Humidity Generator, a portable, versatile humidity generator for calibrating a large workload of probes and loggers in the field or laboratory. The 5128A is ideal for corporate and independent calibration labs where humidity measurement is critical to prevent spoilage of products, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, semiconductors, chemicals, and food production. The 5128A is lightweight and compact so technicians can easily take it to the field for thorough, reliable multi-point calibration of humidity probes and loggers. In the lab, the 5128A reduces calibration time by at least 33 percent compared to traditional two-pressure humidity generators, which are slower to respond to humidity and temperature set point changes. The 5128A delivers: • Best-in-class system accuracy of ± 1.0% RH for dependable humidity probe calibration • Rapid humidity and temperature stabilization time for high calibration throughput • Rate of change for temperature increase is typically 10 ºC/minute; for temperature decrease 1.5 ºC/minute. • Rate of change for humidity increase is typically 10% RH/minute; for decrease 5% RH/minute. • A six-point calibration can be done in two hours. Easy maintenance • A front-loading desiccant cartridge can be easily changed by removing the front cap and sliding in a new one. • Only clean distilled water is needed to operate the 5128A. The 5128A RHapid-Cal comes standard with an ISO 17025 accredited system calibration and is backed by Fluke Calibration’s worldclass metrology and support. To learn more about Fluke Calibration 5128A RHapid- Cal Humidity Generator, or for info about seminars, demos or to locate the nearest dealer, contact Comtest on 010 595 1821 or The Comtest Group Tel: 010 595 1821 Email: HONEYWELL AND SEEQ COLLABORATE TO HELP INDUSTRIAL CUSTOMERS BECOME SAFER, MORE EFFICIENT AND MORE RELIABLE Integration Adds Powerful and Innovative Analytics Tool to Honeywell’s Connected Plant Program Honeywell (NYSE: HON) and Seeq, announced they will collaborate as part of the Honeywell Connected Plant initiative to help process manufacturers leverage data and insights in their operations. This joint development agreement will help customers minimize unplanned shutdowns, maximize output, minimize safety risk and optimize supply chain strategies. “Honeywell’s deep domain knowledge and capabilities in process optimization, data consolidation, storage and asset monitoring combined with Seeq’s technology help us to identify and solve previously unsolvable problems,” said Shree Dandekar, senior vice president and general manager, Honeywell Connected Plant. “Our goal is to create an effective solution that securely captures, aggregates and analyzes data, and then leverages a vast ecosystem to provide a higher level outcome for our customers. This ecosystem includes leading equipment vendors, process licensors, OEMs and other industry experts.” “We see this collaboration between Honeywell and Seeq as beneficial to continuously improving how we serve our customers with the latest advanced software and analytics,” said Steve Sliwa, CEO and co-founder, Seeq Corporation. “Honeywell provides key infrastructure to collect and securely store data, while we embed decades of domain knowledge into advanced analytics for more business value, faster. This collaboration will help us provide our customers with new insight through transformative capabilities that lead to more rapid decision-making and process optimization.” Seeq is the latest company to join Honeywell’s Connected Plant program, which uses the power of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to help improve the safety, efficiency and reliability of operations across a single plant or several plants across an enterprise. Honeywell has recently announced agreements with Flowserve, Aereon and several other industrial leaders. For customers who use Honeywell UOP process technology, the company offers Connected Performance Services, which leverages UOP’s process and service expertise into the Connected Plant cloud platform. Multiple industry analysts have recognized Seeq as a leading innovator in the advanced analytics market. The company’s approach to empowering front-line engineers – the employees with the expertise and experience – to find insights in production data sets it apart from data-scientist focus of many modern analytics offerings. “This collaboration between Seeq and Honeywell should make it easier for both firms to help their mutual customers gain new and valuable insights from their data,” said Janice Abel, Principal Consultant, ARC Advisory Group. “By providing actionable information, these insights could enable industrial organizations to make better decisions, faster; enabling them to optimize their business and production processes.” 17


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