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African Petrochemicals March/April Edition 14.2 {2017}

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FIREDOS MONITOR AND FOAM DOSING PROPORTIONER DELIVERED TO PETROCHEMICAL STORAGE FACILITY Fire protection technology provider, DoseTech, has concluded the delivery of the first trailer-mounted FireDos foam and water monitor, combined with a FireDos foam dosing proportioner unit to the South African bulk fuel storage industry. Mike Feldon, DoseTech’s managing director, said during the handover that the concept has gained traction in the South African petrochemical industry with a second system already ordered. These units are perfect for quick and effective knock-down in the event of a major fire. The design comprises a special FireDos foam and water monitor, combined with a FireDos foam dosing proportioner unit to ensure that the precise proportion of suppression foam to water, three percent in this case, is maintained regardless of the volume of water flow selected on the adjustable flow setting on the monitor depicted by the situation the operator is facing. Feldon explained that the foam concentrate such as one percent, three percent and six percent was specified by the customer and forms part of a detailed analysis of the actual safety requirements. “Once the foam has been selected, the FireDos foam-dosing pump is designed to ensure that the amount of foam concentrate added to the water flow remains proportional throughout the operation.” “Maintaining this constant foam/water flow is beneficial in terms of successfully fighting fires and significantly reducing the cost when providing correct volume of foam concentrate, in addition this ensure that the foam stock related to the due diligence planning is achieved” he added. “The FireDos foam dosing pump is designed and tested to meet exacting requirements and forms part of the total system, which also includes the FireDos monitor,” Feldon stated. FireDos monitor Model AMPN-9 This particular monitor model has an adjustable flow rate from 5 000 to 40 000 litres per minute. The unit supplied for this project is capable of delivering foam and water at a rate of between 5 000 litres per minute and limited to 22 000 litres per minute with a projection rate of up to 120 metres. The FireDos monitor has 360 degree of horizontal movement and between - 90 and +120 degree in the vertical plane limited to +30 off the horizontal for safety reasons for this project. It is fitted with a combine This monitor has an adjustable flow rate from 5 000 to 40 000 litres per minute fog and stream nozzle for either cooling or vapour-suppression applications. A removable foam aspiration tube is available as an option. The innovative oval-flat design of the monitor ensures that the reactive forces are practically eliminated; therefore, no additional ballast is required to keep the unit stable during operation. The water motor and proportioning pump are connected with each other via a coupling and therefore operate at the same speed. A purely mechanical system, which regulates itself automatically: The more extinguishing water that flows through the water motor, the more extinguishing agent is added and vice versa. The proportioning rate selected by the user always remains constant. FireDos proportioner Model FD-20000/3-PP-S The FireDos proportioner works without external energy and even under changing pressure conditions reliably and at a constant proportioning rate. “The FireDos proportioner is driven solely by the extinguishing water flow. No emergency electrical energy or engine-driven prime mover is required. The purely mechanical system is highly reliable,” explained Feldon. The drive is provided completely by the extinguishing water flow. The water flows through the water motor, which is installed directly in the extinguishing water line. The extinguishing water flow is therefore available in full for fire fighting, without losses. The speed of the water motor is proportional to the volume flow rate of the extinguishing water. He commented that a portion of the pressure in the extinguishing water line is used as an energy source to drive the water motor. “While hydrant pressures of 10 bar is usual, the unit can safely accommodate a maximum water pressure of 16 bar and higher pressure if required.” Further, the selfpriming proportioning pump can deliver fluorine-free viscous and/or alcoholresistant foam agents without requiring additional modification. The unit incorporates water and foam manifolds that allow for connection to multiple hydrants through a standard-sized fire hose, while the foam manifold permits the coupling of more than one foam tank, which is necessary during prolonged operation and prevents downtime during foam tanker change over. Specifically designed for the protection of fuel storage tanks, the unit is one of the most advanced fire fighting products available and the first of its kind on the continent, according to Feldon. “The FireDos unit is built to last, as it is constructed from high-quality aluminiumcoated metal components and materials. All pressurised cast parts are designed for a test pressure of 64 bar and although the unit has a mass of four ton, it can easily be pulled by the average one ton pickup truck,” he added. The units are custom designed and manufactured according to the client’s specific requirements by German-based FireDos GmbH and supported and serviced by their business partner DoseTech. Prior to delivery, the units are factory tested in Germany to ensure that they meet the customer-specific performance and quality assurance requirements. The units meet European and international fire safety standards. They also comply with requirements set out by third party testing and certification organisation FM Global Group approval; independent German fire protection and safety organisation, Vertrauen durch Sicherheit and European Union directive ATEX95, which outlines requirements for equipment and protective systems for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Feldon said that the unit supplied to a local South African petrochemical storage facility is unique, as each unit is built according to customer and application requirements because they vary depending on the location, type and layout of the refinery or storage facility and national or international product and safety standards. DoseTech (Pty) Ltd Tel: 0861 111 544 Fax: 021 510 2218 E-mail: Web: 14


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