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African Petrochemicals March/April Edition 14.2 {2017}

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GHM MESSTECHNIK Expands the SA Team m3⁄h l/h Erich du Toit fact m/s Erich du Toit has been appointed as GHM Messtechnik South Africa’s Sales Engineer. Erich brings over 14 years’ experience across sectors such as food and beverage, mining, manufacturing and oil and gas, all industries that benefit from GHM Messtechnik’s specialist instrumentation. GHM Messtechnik SA Managing Director, Jan Grobler, said “I am delighted to welcome Erich to our team. In addition to his IT management, network implementation, sales and support skills, he also brings international experience in commissioning Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO’s) gained in Singapore. He will be a great asset to our South African engineering and sales activities”. “I am pleased to be joining such a dynamic company such as GHM Messtechnik SA. The South African market has great potential and I believe we can enhance and grow our market share substantially due to the high quality, reliability and accuracy of the ranges of instrumentation on offer from GHM Messtechnik” said du Toit. “I see real opportunities for market growth particularly with GHM Messtechnik’s offerings that cover hygienic instruments, environmental analysis and small projects. A big draw card for me, due my experience in providing turnkey solutions regarding PLC and SCADA development and commissioning in the abovementioned industries, is the current GHM-ONE multifunctional controller. This controller enables us to do small turnkey projects in all the industries, giving the client full control and display functionalities” concluded du Toit. Liquid flow measurement up to 600 °C or 490 bar OPTISONIC 4400 – technology driven by KROHNE • Ultrasonic flowmeter for high temperature and high pressure liquids, e. g. in vacuum distillation, visbreaking or coker unit • HT version: 45…+600 °C, DN25…1000 • HP version: ≤490 bar, DN25…200 • Flow range 0,5…20 m/s, bi-directional • Communication options with NAMUR NE 107 diagnostics GHM Messtechnik South Africa is part of GHM Messtechnik GmbH, an amalgamation of globally renowned companies comprising: Greisinger Electronic, Honsberg Instruments, Martens Elektronik, Imtron, T & A (Telemetry & Automation) and Delta Ohm (Italy). GHM Messtechnik SA Further information is available from: Jan Grobler, Managing Director, GHM Messtechnik South Africa Tel: 011 902 0158 email: KROHNE South Africa 8 Bushbuck Close, Corporate Park South Randjiespark, Midrand, Tel.: +27 113141391 Fax: +27 113141681, Deon Rampathi,, 10

UNIQUE PUMP DESIGN SPECIALLY FOR FIRE-FIGHTING WITH FOAM Foam is the only way to effectively fight certain fire scenarios. To generate such foam, a foam agent must be precisely admixed to the extinguishing water flow first. Then, air is added as a third component and expands the ‘premix’ to a fire fighting foam. We designed the highly sophisticated FireDos proportioners to contribute to the effectiveness of stationary fire-extinguishing systems through powerful technology. Product Outline The FireDos proportioner is driven solely by the extinguishing water flow. Electrical energy is not required. The purely mechanical system is made-to-last and highly reliable. The water motor drivers a specially designed pump which delivers the foam agent into the extinguishing waterflow. There is a direct linear relationship between the extinguishing water flow rate in litres per minute and water motor’s number of revolutions. The more water flows through the water motor, the more foam agents is admixed. Thus, the quantitative ration of foam agent and extinguishing water, which is referred to as the ‘proportioning rate’, always remains constant. A portion of the pressure in the extinguishing water line is used as an energy source to drive the water motor. The below graph shows that clever dimensioning of the FireDos proportioner can keep the pressure loss very low. The Advantages DESIGNED ESPECIALLY FOR FOAM AGENTS The proportioning pump that is driven by the water motor is self-priming and can deliver even extremely viscous fluorine-free and/or alcohol resistant foam agent without limits. DRIVEN SOLEY BY THE EXTINGUISHING WATER No Electricity and hence no emergency power supply is required. MAXIMUM OPERATING RANGE The required propotion rate is available already from a low minimum extinguishing water flow rate. As prescribed by international sets of regulations, the proportioning rate then is always maintained precisely across the entire operating range. Also the extinguishing water line pressure has virtually no influence. EASY TO OPERATE Operating the proportioner just includes a few ball valves to vent the proportioner in the beginning and to put it into a state ready for operation. STURDY AND MADE-TO-LAST Only high quality components and materials are used. All pressurized cast parts are designed for a testing pressure of 64 bar. DIRECT RESPONSE TO THE EXTINGUISHING WATER FLOW As soon as the water flows, the water motor starts working and hence driving the proportioner. There are no valves which have to be actuated and could be an error source. CLOSED SYSTEM No extinguishing water is lost which would have to be drained into the sewer or passed back to the water tank! Green and Cost Saving TESTING THE PROPORTIONING RATE Extinguishing systems must be tested regularly to guarantee their functionality in case of a fire. The same applies to the proportioner. The optional return line connection can be used to pass the foam agent back into the tank while its quantity is measured under live operating conditions. The extinguishing water flow rate is measured at the same time, allowed to calculate the proportioning rate. Following, please find an example of an installation layout allowing an extremely simple testing: • Both fluids stay separate • No foam or premix is generated • This eliminates the risk if contamination and violations of law • Not consuming foam agent means saving costs • There is no need for costly disposal of foam or premi EXACT PROPORTIONING AMOUNT The proportioning pump delivers no more than what is really needed. The remaining foam agents will remain in its tank and is not moved. QUICK INSTALLATIONAND START-UP All components are supplied firmly connected as one unit which is tested for functionally and tightness at our factory. On site the water motor is integrated into the extinguishing water line in which no special stabilization stretches are required. The proportioning pump is firmly mounted and connected to the foam agent tank through a suction line and an optional return line, both of which must be provided by the installer. There is nothing more to do. The unit can be started up immediately after installation. Any further adjustment is neither necessary nor possible. TESTING THE PROPORTIONING RATE This can be done precisely, not having to generate foam or premix. No other proportioner brand all around the world holds as many approvals: • Factory Mutual (FM) • VdS • Germanischer Lloyd • Numerous national approvals The use in all types of extinguishing systems is possible without limits: Sprinkler and deluge systems, dry and wet extinguishing systems. Dosetech (Pty) Ltd Tel: 0861 111 544 Fax: 021 510 2218 Email: Web: 11


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