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African Petrochemicals- Mar/April Edition 15_2 {2018}

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one side of the triangle, mainly heat in the case of water based systems, and oxygen in the case of gas based systems. Water mist has the advantage that due to the small particle size and distribution means, it beaves like a gas suppression agent and has the cooling properties of a water suppression system. Water mist is divided into primary and secondary extinguishing mechanisms. Primary Mechanisms: Heat extraction • Cooling of the fire plume • Wetting and cooling of the fuel surface Displacement • Displacement of oxygen at the flame front • Dilution of fuel vapour Secondary Mechanisms: Radiation attenuation Kinetic effects When comparing water mist particle size to traditional sprinkler and spray systems, the heat extraction effect that mist presents is magnitudes larger than conventional systems. As the water particle decreases, the surface area exposed for heat transfer increases. Water mist is therefore able to absorb/remove more heat per volume of water than conventional systems. Water has a sensible heat capacity of 4.2 kJ/kg.K and a latent heat of vaporization of 2442 kJ/kg. As the surface area of the droplet increases, more area is exposed for vaporization and therefore optimal heat extraction. Water mist therefore drastically cools the fire plume, primary mechanism, and prevents escape of radiation to other fuel sources, radiation attenuation which is a secondary mechanism. As the fine water droplets are rapidly converted to steam at the flame front, the oxygen and fuel vapour is displaced due to the volumetric expansion ratio of water to steam, the primary mechanism. Water expands 1700 times when it evaporates to steam. This expansion effect is seen as the secondary mechanism and enables the fire to “suck” in more water mist. These properties enable mist to be extremely effective on fires, especially Class, A, B, C and F fires. The Danfoss-Semco SEM-SAFE® water mist system is a high-pressure water mist system that comprises of state of the art technology. Water mist has many advantages compared to conventional sprinklers. One of the key benefits is that it often uses only one tenth as much water as traditional sprinklers. In addition, the majority of the water evaporates, causing much less water damage to buildings, furniture, electrical installations, etc. In industrial applications, the dramatic reduction in direct damage is of great value, but it is usually even more important that the production line or factory will be able to resume manufacturing very quickly after the fire. A long period of down-time in production means a high risk of losing market share, which often results in a dramatic long-term negative economic effect, far in excess of the original fire damage. Statistics show that only 4 out of 10 industries are able to start manufacturing goods again after a major fire. Fire catastrophes are a threat to human life, cultural and industrial assets, private and corporate property and even our environment. From complex fire suppression systems for museums and heritage sites, to industrial applications over office buildings, universities and wind turbines, Danfoss Semco has a successful track record within commercial and industrial applications using the SEMSAFE® water mist system. Why? Because the SEM-SAFE® system provides better protection than existing water systems while being 100% environmentally friendly, harmless to users and with far less impact on buildings and interiors. It significantly reduces lifecycle costs, asset damage and operational downtime in all ‘business critical’ applications, and offers the best protection of irreplaceable valuables. This offers a greatly enhanced cost/benefit ratio when compared to traditional systems. For more info contact Sperosens Tel: +27 (086) 177 3767 Fax: +27 (086) 562 6511 E-mail: Web: It’s all good when your process is efficient Every project is unique and therefore deserves a unique approach. Afrox offers tailor-made process solutions for its customers. This is supported by a range of industrial gases as well as a team of dedicated specialists addressing the need for safer and more efficient operations. Africa’s leading gases and welding solutions partner. Customer Service Centre: 0860 020202 Shop online: Industrial gases ad 190x130.indd 1 2018/02/15 2:41 PM 11

New ThinManager Software Release Improves Operator Productivity Updated thin client software from Rockwell Automation gives workers better access to production information with improved visualisation and mobility. 12 Industrial workers can get better access to the information they need, where they need it, with the new ThinManager v10.0 software platform from Rockwell Automation. New visualisation, mobility and security features can help operators and technicians produce more with less downtime using the Rockwell Automation software portfolio and industrial-grade thin clients. With a new virtual-screening capability, users can customise how they see applications and data from multiple sources, all without rewriting a single line of code. This capability can help them view the information that is most relevant to their job. New support for wearable technology can also revolutionise how workers access information. For example, a maintenance technician could diagnose and troubleshoot a machine just by looking at it through a Microsoft HoloLens mixed-reality headset. “ThinManager software is helping industrial companies build their Connected Enterprise environments through improved visualisation and mobility,” said Tom Jordan, marketing lead, ThinManager, Rockwell Automation. “The software can visualise data and disperse content to any combination of device, user or location within an industrial facility. This ability can provide greater insight into and management of a user’s operations.” The updated software introduces authentication pass-through to help improve productivity. In the past, users had to log in to ThinManager and other software applications separately, adding time onto costly operations. Now the software can natively pass users’ credentials to supported HMI products like FactoryTalk View Site Edition. Improved authentication features reduce operator maintenance and improve security by simplifying the management of all devices and users. Version 10.0 allows operators to configure multiple forms of authentication such as RFID badges and biometrics. New password-caching capabilities allow administrators to configure time periods for PIN authentication during a shift. With its built-in mobility solution, Relevance, the platform can deliver supported software components directly to mobile devices at specific locations within a facility. Relevance uses location resolvers such as Bluetooth beacons and Wi-Fi so mobile users and devices can only receive content in authorised areas. This capability can help users achieve greater connectivity with better operational security. ThinManager delivers content where it is needed and presents it to operators how they want to view it. It is the only thin client management and mobility solution made specifically for industrial application delivery and management. ThinManager is applicable across many industrial vertical markets such as food and beverage and water/wastewater. For more information, visit thinmanager. About Rockwell Automation Rockwell Automation Inc. (NYSE: ROK), the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information, makes its customers more productive and the world more sustainable. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., Rockwell Automation employs approximately 22,000 people serving customers in more than 80 countries. Enquiries: Christo Buys Business Manager – Control Systems Rockwell Automation Sub-Saharan Africa Tel: 011 654 9700 Email: Website:


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