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African Petrochemicals July/ Aug Edition 15_4 {2018}

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AFROX LAUNCHES 360-DEGREE INTEGRATED CUSTOMER APPLICATION SOLUTIONS PROGRAMME The challenging South African energy, transport, mining and fabrication industries require innovative solutions to stay abreast of global technology and competition. 18 Whether the application is a locomotive, a pressure vessel, tanker, wind tower, a petro-chemical plant shut-down or any other application, companies are looking for a quality solution, delivered on-time, at the lowest possible cost in a highly safe environment. Committed to ongoing development of customer-orientated services, Afrox has launched its 360o Integrated Customer Application Solutions and Safety Solutions programmes that offers just that - a comprehensive solution from start to finish. Johann Pieterse, Business Manager for Manufacturing Industries at Afrox, says the Integrated Customer Application Solutions process always starts with a complex customer application challenge. Afrox will propose a partnership to develop a joint solution with the customer and agree a way forward that will maximise value for the customer and their end user. Pieterse continues that the proposal is followed by an extensive survey of the customer’s application, including current processes and practices. It is imperative to understand the customer’s business and their inherent challenges in terms of quality, productivity, costs and safety. “Once we understand the challenges, the next step is to create an effective solution,” says Pieterse. Firstly, the different welding processes are carefully considered and the best fit for the application is established. The selection of high quality Afrox gases, welding consumables and equipment are packaged to support the selected process. Afrox value-added services ensure that an optimised welding procedure is developed for each application and that staff are trained and qualified for successful implementation. This is done in line with Quality Management System, EN ISO 3834, as a guideline. After customer sign-off, the solution is implemented on-site step by step. Qualified Afrox technical representatives oversee the execution as well as ensure supply of the correct welding consumables to support the process. Accurate implementation of the solution guarantees one or more of the following for customers: increased productivity, lower production cost, and improved quality, all hinging on a safe working environment. Afrox also undertakes any necessary upskilling or training of staff to optimise the new solution if required. The training and optimisation is underpinned by a range of safety and welding training courses, designed and developed to meet complex industry requirements. Once fully operational, Afrox provides ongoing support and maintenance to the project as well as offering equipment, gases and related consumable packages to ensure the proposed saving and increased productivity and quality promises are met. “As sub-Saharan Africa’s leading supplier of gas, welding equipment and consumables, Afrox is the only company extending this 360-degree capability to customers across South Africa, identifying opportunities to assist customers by implementing complete solutions, and providing full back-up and support,” concludes Pieterse. Contact: Johann Pieterse Email:

SASOL HOSTS BIGGEST SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CAREER EXHIBITION IN SASOLBURG Sasol hosted their 18th flagship career exhibition, Sasol Techno X, from 13 – 17 August 2018 at the Boiketlong Sport Centre in Sasolburg, Free State. Over the years Sasol Techno X has become the largest Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) career guidance exhibition in the country that annually attracts more than 20 000 visitors from seven provinces. Traditionally hosted in Sasolburg, and now also bi-annually in Secunda, Sasol Techno X focuses on mathematics, science and technology and is a platform for Grade 7 – 12 learners to engage with real world application of these subjects in a way that creates interest and captivates the imagination. Sasol realises that artisan skills are critical in most industries and have a significant role to play in growing national and local economies. In the case of Sasol, the company requires around 16 artisans for every one engineer that it employs. At Sasol Techno X 2018 a dedicated section features tertiary skills training facilities that practically demonstrate artisan training possibilities and opportunities. At the main Sasol exhibition, a large focus is placed this year on Information Technology. Sasol Information Management and its partners are bringing innovative thinking and the accompanying technology to Sasol Techno X that enables solutions ranging from the protection of vital information, to the reduction of operating costs, the optimisation of our business processes, improved decision making through data access and much more. Over the years Sasol has taken pride in providing learners opportunities to interact with various experts while visiting the stands. At Sasol Techno X 2018 the almost 3 m tall robot at the Sasol Information Management stand is bound to entertain while instilling appreciation for the wonders of the digital world Another “not-to-be-missed” show is the Kalahari Scientist who teaches scientific principles through demonstrations designed to inspire and motivate our next generation of scientists. His enthusiastic way of presenting, coupled with clear explanations, makes it a truly memorable experience for learners and teachers. Promising to keep visitors as enticed, is Plastics SA’s Aqua Amazing shows that educate and inform visitors on waste management and the devastating effects of pollution in the oceans. Aqua amazing uses a shark, which they dissect in front of the audience, to help them understand the importance of keeping our environment clean. “Sasol has hosted Sasol Techno X for the past 18 years as part of our programmes that promote sustainable socio-economic development through education because it enables access to tertiary education, promotes STEM education at schools and ultimately bolsters the pool of technical, vocational and STEMrelated skills among the youth of South Africa,” said Wrenelle Stander, Sasol’s Senior Vice President Corporate Affairs and Real Estate Services. More information on Sasol Techno X 2018 can be found at 19


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