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African Petrochemicals Jan/Feb Edition 15_1 {2018}

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BMG’s range of

BMG’s range of Spanjaard lubricants, oils and greases for efficient lubrication 2018 BMG’s extensive range of sealing products encompasses Spanjaard lubricants, oils and greases, which are suitable for industrial, automotive, marine, mining and consumer applications. “The effects of friction and the resulting wear of moving components, are significantly reduced by effective lubrication. The purpose of any lubricant, which may take the form of an oil, a grease or a solid, is to separate the mating surfaces and thereby reduce friction and wear. For this reason, lubrication is considered to be one of the most important aspects of most industrial equipment and machinery maintenance programmes,” says Marc Gravett, business unit manager, seals, BMG. “Not only do lubricants, oils and greases extend the service life of machinery and equipment, but they also play an important role in enhancing performance of components, like bearings and industrial chain. “Lubrication-related failures in machinery are generally preventable and can be avoided with the application of the correct lubricant, at the right time. A general multipurpose grease is adequate in many applications, but more arduous operating conditions demand the judicious selection of the correct lubricant and lubrication system. “In selecting the suitable lubricant for a specific application, cognisance must be taken of factors such as speed of relative movement, ambient and operating temperatures, loading, vibration and the environmental operating conditions. “Although lubrication constitutes a small percentage of a company’s maintenance budget, the correct use of appropriate lubricants, results in minimal downtime, extended service life of components and significant operational cost savings.” BMG’s extensive portfolio of locally manufactured Spanjaard lubricants and allied chemical products have been principally formulated to improve performance of equipment and machinery and to enhance maintenance in heavy-duty applications. Spanjaard industrial products includes antiseize compounds and penetrants, assembly and disassembly products, chain lubricants, transmission oils, cleaners and degreasers, electrical maintenance products, plastic moulding and cutting compounds, as well as engineering and fabrication materials. Also available are a number of Spanjaard greasing solutions, including open gear lubricants and wire rope dressings; bearing and synthetic bearing greases, as well as other general grease products. BMG’s technical resources team offers an oil analysis service, which consists of laboratory based sampling and analysis, as well as on-site analysis and filtration and flushing. Other services include technical applications consulting, product and system design, product quality control and assurance, as well as condition monitoring services. The company’s mobile technicians, with specialist technical skills, conduct breakdown and routine maintenance on plant. This team carries out trouble shooting and advises on possible productivity improvements, to ensure the highest level of plant output and reliability. Specialist services include installation, adjustment, replacement and maintenance of components, shaft and pulley alignment, balancing, condition monitoring, oil sampling and analysis and critical equipment inspections and lubrication schedules. Maintenance training and fault diagnosis also form an important part of BMG’s field services. Through BMG’s focus on entire production processes - which combines a comprehensive range of quality components, engineering solutions, technical services and dependable support – companies can access all critical production efficient products and services from one reliable supplier. This integrated approach guarantees lower production costs and higher efficiencies. The company’s recently upgraded distribution centre - BMG World - centralises functional and support operations onto one site. This enables BMG to continue to provide high levels of operating efficiencies and delivery service, in line with continued growth of the business. BMG’s extensive product portfolio encompasses bearings, seals, power transmission components, drives, motors and materials handling components. Also in the range are hydraulics and pneumatics, fasteners and tools, as well as valves, gaskets, filtration and lubrication systems. For further information: Marc Gravett, Business Unit Manager, Seals, BMG Tel: +27 (0) 11 620 1575 Email: Address: BMG Park, 3 Droste Crescent, Droste Park Ext 7 Jeppestown, Johannesburg,2001, South Africa. Postal Address: PO Box 33431, Jeppestown, 20043, South Africa Web: Spanjaard lubricants and allied chemical products. BMG’s extensive range of sealing products encompasses Spanjaard lubricants, oils and greases, which are suitable for industrial, automotive, marine, mining and consumer applications. Spanjaard lubricants and allied chemical products have been principally formulated to improve performance of equipment and machinery and to enhance maintenance in heavy-duty applications. 8

EMERSON COMPLETES ACQUISITION OF PROSYS INC Deal adds new software capabilities to improve plant performance and brings new technologies to Emerson’s Operational Certainty initiative Emerson (NYSE: EMR) today announced it has acquired ProSys Inc., a global supplier of software and services that increase production and safety for the chemical, oil and gas, pulp and paper, and refining industries. By building intuitive processes for plant operators, these solutions make everything from everyday operations to responding during abnormal situations easier. “Adding ProSys’ differentiated technologies and expertise allows us to help our customers improve plant performance, safety and profitability by optimizing their human and automation resources,” said Mike Train, executive president, Emerson Automation Solutions. “With ProSys, we can provide innovative control and operator performance capabilities to make control room operators far more effective.” ProSys’ portfolio includes solutions that help operators manage alarms critical to plant production and safety, and efficiently handle changing plant states. In addition, ProSys provides modern, high performance and intuitive graphics for better operator communications. ProSys complements Emerson’s May 2017 acquisition of MYNAH Technologies, which provides dynamic simulation and operator training software. Together, these technologies embed expertise to help operators navigate plant systems safely and efficiently, and prepare customers to accommodate the changing state and age of the industrial workforce. “Our specialization in software and services that increase operator performance builds on Emerson’s market leadership in automation control systems,” said Dustin Beebe, president and CEO at ProSys. “By working together as one, we can provide even more operational and financial value to customers.” Beebe will join Emerson Automation Solutions as vice president, control and operator performance. The ProSys software portfolio supports Emerson’s Operational Certainty program designed to help industrial companies achieve Top Quartile performance in areas of safety, reliability, and production. About Emerson Emerson (NYSE: EMR), headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri (USA), is a global technology and engineering company providing innovative solutions for customers in industrial, commercial, and residential markets. Our Emerson Automation Solutions business helps process, hybrid, and discrete manufacturers maximize production, protect personnel and the environment while optimizing their energy and operating costs. Our Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions business helps ensure human comfort and health, protect food quality and safety, advance energy efficiency, and create sustainable infrastructure. For more information visit: Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. For more information about ProSys Inc., visit Further information is available from: Rob Smith, Sales Manager, South & East Africa Emerson Automation Solutions Tel: 011 451 3700 Email: Web: Petrochemical_Ad_AWC.indd 1 2018/01/27 13:42 9


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