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African Petrochemicals Edition July/August Edition 14.4 {2017}

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The recent Engineering,

The recent Engineering, Procurement & Construction Expo was held at the Leeukop Golf Club in Kyalami Bookings are now open for 2018. Book now and keep the 2017 rates. 16

THE GHM GROUP KEEPS ABREAST OF TECHNOLOGY TO MEET MARKET REQUIREMENTS The role of measurement and control instrumentation in today’s industrial environment is critical to the continued success of many processes which now require more enhanced and reliable accuracy in their various operational applications. This is where the instrumentation offering from the German-based GHM Group of companies has made significant technological improvements as a result of their investment in research and development in order to meet high market requirements. Managing Director of GHM Messtechnik SA, part of the GHM Group, Jan Grobler said “There are two important factors which drive us to continue to invest in research and development. One is that in a tough economy, where costs are a key factor, sensors and electronics become indispensable in industrial processes. Secondly, our customers are constantly updating their production or analytical processes, and we need to be able to supply them with the appropriate instrumentation they require”. “The GHM Group of companies has a reputation for the supply of high quality, high-accuracy, reliable and user-friendly measurement and control instrumentation solutions. It is a sector which shows continued growth and evolution as the industrial future becomes more and more high-tech. We believe we are the leaders in this field due to our philosophy of constant product review, analysis and improvement which enables us to continue to offer a technology suited to our customer’s specific needs” said Grobler. This research and development initiative has been given a higher priority since sole Managing Director,Johannes Overhues took over the group’s leadership in 2016. Overhues said “The customer must benefit and must be the central focus of our work. It is essential that we meet their increasing demands on networking, accuracy and quality and offer them solutions that are market and customer orientated”. GHM Messtechnik South Africa is part of GHM Messtechnik GmbH, an amalgamation of globally renowned companies comprising: Greisinger Electronic, Honsberg Instruments, Martens Elektronik, Imtron, T & A (Telemetry & Automation) and Delta Ohm (Italy). Please visit our website for more info: or email Further information is available from Jan Grobler, Managing Director GHM Messtechnik South Africa Tel: 011 902 0158 Email: 17


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