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African Petrochemicals Edition 16.2

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HF LAUNCHES KENYA’S FIRST WHATSAPP BANKING The Group promotes financial inclusion in Kenya by launching WhatsApp Banking, unlocking the opportunity for millions of new consumers to experience an improved way to initiate day-today secure banking activities and digital product purchases from within the chat application NAIROBI - HF has launched the HF WhatsApp banking solution to offer customized mobile banking services to its customers, effectively becoming the first bank in the region to commercially go live with this product. HF has partnered with Infobip, the global cloud communication company for businesses and a leader in omnichannel engagement and other partners i.e. Wayawaya, Kocela and Myriad to implement and take to market this revolutionary product to its existing and new customers. The implementation allows customers to interact with the bank through WhatsApp for functions such as virtual account opening, funds transfers, loans, bill payments, goods purchases among other services ‘’ A highly popular messaging platform with millions of active users in Kenya, WhatsApp unlocks an opportunity for us to offer our customers a more personal, intuitive and efficient way to engage with them on chat. This capability we are pioneering enables HF’s customers to manage their banking needs within their WhatsApp chat with the same efficiency as services obtained at our branches and other digital banking platforms. Customers can simply add HF’s WhatsApp phone number to begin a secure Chat Banking session,’’ said HF Group CEO Robert Kibaara. To subscribe to this service, customers are required to save the bank’s WhatsApp phone number – meaning access to the chat is granted on an individual and personalized basis. Combining this powerful and interactive platform with Artificial intelligence (AI), enables businesses to scale their offerings to keep abreast with customer changing preferences. AI makes it possible for machines to learn from experience, adjust to new inputs and perform human-like tasks. “Customers’ expectations are constantly changing and it’s our duty as a customercentric bank to ensure that our customers are provided with the means to initiate or carry out banking services through any channel they desire wherever they are conveniently,” added Mr Kibaara. This new channel is part of HF’s digital banking strategy and cements its commitment to providing solutions to social and economic challenges through innovation geared at resolving critical issues around ease of access, convenience, safety and simplicity of essential financial services. “We are very honored to collaborate with such a prominent financial solutions provider. By offering WhatsApp as an alternative channel to their clients. HF Group is strengthening its relationship with customers and acting as a true leader in digital innovation. Enhancing the customer experience is a goal that all big companies should strive to achieve, and we’re thrilled that HF Group was one of the first financial institutions that recognized this opportunity in Kenya.” Said Rachel Njiru, Infobip’s Managing Director for Kenya & Director OP in Africa. Kenya tops the list of African countries with ease of access to financial services thanks in part to its high uptake of mobile money, placing the country ahead of economic giants such as South Africa, Nigeria, and Ghana. Other key drivers of this development include mobile adoption and internet connectivity. 84 percent of Kenya’s population has access to the Internet. 91 percent of Kenya’s total population has a mobile phone, compared to the average of 80 percent mobile penetration in all of Africa. The most used social media platforms identified in Kenya is WhatsApp with 74% population usage according to the Jumia Kenya Mobile Report 2019. About HF HF is a multi-dimensional financial services provider with capability in digital banking, retail banking, SME and institutional banking, banc assurance, property development and finance. Information on HF is available on About Infobip Infobip is global cloud communication company for businesses and a leader in omnichannel engagement with over a decade of industry experience and presence on all six continents. The company serves and partners with leading mobile operators, messaging apps, banks, social networks, tech companies, and aggregators. About Wayawaya Wayawaya a Digital banking platform that offers clients one account combining their bank, mobile wallet, savings and payments accessible across the world with instant, secure and cost effective transactions. About Kocela Kocela is a financial and technology firm premised on user-focused approach in building disruptive solutions for Africa. The company was recently named the best Payments and Transfer Company in Africa at the African Fintech Awards. About Myriad Connect Myriad Connect helps address digital transaction fraud with out of band authentication and SIM Swap services that secure digital and mobile transactions and protect consumers and financial services. Myriad Connect’s service is delivered across a host of different channels, including USSD, mobile app and web protecting consumers’ online accounts, transactions and digital financial services accounts. 28

BITUMEN MEASUREMENT UNDER DIFFICULT CONDITIONS A product application case history The Task: The special challenge of this application was to determine the exact temperature of heat-tracing, and to be adapted to the respective type of bitumen product used. The meters had to be robust and temperature-stable, and their accuracy should be unaffected by portable custody transfer devices. The Solution: Kobold’s TM/TME/TMU Coriolis Mass Flowmeters, offering: • Precise measurements, even with high temperature fluctuations • Durable due to bigger wall thicknesses of measuring tubes • Variable, stable tracing systems for various heating media • Up to DN400/16” for media temperatures up to 260°C • Versions for custody transfer operation • High process security by tempering also during power failure • Maintenance easy due to open design of the devices • Retrofitting possible The Application: The robust construction of the Coriolis devices allow usage in mobile plants or machinery, such as in a “HOT- RECYCLER”, which removes the tarmac and re-applies it with the addition of asphalt and bitumen. The hot recycling method is used solely for the rehabilitation of damaged asphalt surface courses. The hot recycler processes the existing road pavement, improving it with virgin mix, if necessary. Contact Instrotech for more information on Kobold’s range of coriolis mass flow meters for bitumen measurement under difficult conditions. KOBOLD Messring GmbH is a leading international instrumentation engineering enterprise that develops, manufactures and sells instruments for monitoring, measuring and regulating the physical quantities of flow through pressure, level and temperature. Instrotech: Tel: 010 595 1831 Email: 29


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