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African Petrochemicals- 16.1 2019

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ULTRASONIC SENSORS IN AGRICULTURAL AUTOMATION Back in the 1980’s, brothers Mike, Gregg and Don Tvetene were working at their family-owned Tvetene Turf Farms in Billings, Montana, USA. The business was faced with a critical labour shortage at the same time that it was experiencing huge demand for their turf. Out of necessity, the brothers conceived of an automatic turf harvester that could cut and stack sod using just one operator. Their biggest motivator, recalls Gregg, was the years of hard work they had put in stacking turf by hand on the family farm. The brothers worked by trial and error to get an automatic stacking harvester working smoothly. Mike focused on the electronics while Gregg worked on the hydraulics and Don handled welding and fabrication. At the time, mobile electronic systems were not sophisticated enough to handle the tasks required, so Mike designed a system that would control stacking, harvesting and drive functions. The brothers formed a new company, Trebro Manufacturing, Inc.. Their hands-on experience, hard work, and continual testing and trials resulted in the introduction of the “AutoStack”, the first successful automatic stacking turf harvester, in 2000. The AutoStack was an instant success as turf producers from around the world were eager to take advantage of the benefits of labour savings, increased production, and improved quality of the finished product. Trebro and the AutoStack were also recognized with an Industry Innovator award from the Turf Producers International and the Montana governor’s exporting award. The AutoStack, and now the AutoStack II, use an automated Ultra Steer system to guide the harvester with precision while the operator watches over all aspects of the harvesting process. Trebro explored several different sensor technologies for the steering system before selecting Senix ToughSonic 14 ultrasonic sensors. Senix ultrasonic sensors are mounted on the steering arms of the AutoStacker and AutoStacker II where they monitor the harvest line to maintain ¼” steering accuracy. The ToughSonic 14 was selected for it’s tough all-weather construction and its ability to communicate rapidly with the Trebro’s electronic control system through an RS-232 interface. The Trebro AutoStack II is the ultimate high production automatic turf harvester. Trebro Manufacturing has now sold more than 750 automated harvesters in 22 countries. It has employees in the U.S., Canada and the UK, with parts warehouses in all of these locations plus Europe and Australia. And at its heart, there are the three brothers. Contact INSTROTECH, manufacturer and distributor of process control instrumentation and specialized systems, for more information on the Senix ToughSonic Sensors for Agricultural Automation on 010 5951831 ARCA ANTI-SURGE CONTROL VALVES IN OPERATION Arca supplies its extensive range of valves to nearly all types of industry. An important part of the product range are valves for turbines and turbo compressors, especially anti- surge control valves. Arca manufactures its ECOTROL® series of valves Type 8C / 6N / 6H and 130, from DN50 / DN2“ to DN700 / DN28“ in pressure class PN10 / ANSI150 up to PN400 / ANSI2500. Recently valves of a nominal width of 24“ have been delivered to several customers. In recent years the design of these valves has been further optimized in order to fulfil the requirements of the customer. Be it large valves for single-axle compressors or multistage high pressure valves for multistage gear box compressors, Arca have a valve for every application, including hot-gas compressors or cryogen plants, or even for acid gas and oxygen. Arca not only manufacture all types of valves but also a wide range of pneumatic actuators for special requirements are being made. With extreme operating conditions the actuators of the series 811 / 812 / 814 and MA60 guarantee a steady control mode and, in case of an incident, move extremely fast into the safety position. By means of cleverly devised component parts, large valves can open fast regulated and on the other side close slow regulated, as appropriate to customer’s needs. A fast opening on a large valve is possible with an opening time of less than < 1 sec. The ECOTROL® valves with component parts that are suitable for assembly in exzone and in all climate zones. Special requirements are being placed on valves that are mounted in process gas plants where the process gas is used in food processing. Valve & Automation are the agents for ARCA products, please contact: Desmond Delport Tel: 011 397 2833 or 0861 103 103 Website: 25

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