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African Petrochemicals- 16.1 2019

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MegaCPK At the dawn of a

MegaCPK At the dawn of a new era With continuous research and investments, we have developed a totally new generation of products. A milestone in KSB's history and the dawn of a new era focused on quality, efficiency, safety and reliability in one package, worldwide. Our innovative new product line-up offers first-class quality and a host of new features that combine to make this pump truly unique. • Maximum operating reliability • Outstanding efficiency from improved hydraulic systems • Optimum energy efficiency • Global availability KSB Pumps and Valves (Pty) Ltd > Our technology. Your success. Pumps• Valves, Service KseliJ 21

GLOVES IN A BOTTLE Finally, an all-in-one shielding and dry skin care lotion that effectively combats workplace related adverse skin conditions. The rate at which our world has been industrialised of the past few decades through manufacturing, engineering, construction, mining, and Petro-chemicals, to name just a few, has realised that employees involved in these hands-on processes are increasingly experiencing adverse work-related skin conditions such as severe dry, cracked, red, itchy or flaky skin. Invariably, this is due to employees, even though they are wearing the prescribed safety apparel, coming into continuous daily contact with skin moisture depleting irritants. What is a moisture depleting irritant? This is an irritant that has the ability to remove the natural moisture, lipids and oil from the skin such as chemicals, resins, solvents, detergents, adhesives, paint, isocyanates, dirt, cement, grease, grime, Petro-chemicals and the list goes on… and is almost endless. What is Gloves In A Bottle? Gloves In A Bottle (GIAB) is an all-in-one shielding + dry skin care lotion that “keeps the good stuff in and the bad stuff out.” It locks out moisture depleting irritants from penetrating the skin whilst simultaneously locking in the skins natural moisture, lipids and oils, and in so doing, achieves deep rooted and long lasting nourishment through all 7 layers of the skin. GIAB does not wash off and will endure multiple washes, even with alcohol or chlor-Hexidine based soap solutions. A single application will last 4 to 12 hours. protection. The technology of these two products are polar opposites. Artificial moisturisers flood the external surface of the skin with artificial moisture, signaling to the body that it has sufficient natural moisture and oils, which it does not. GIAB locks in the natural moisture and oils and allows the body to continue to produce that which it requires to maintain a healthy skin, whilst preventing irritants from removing these. Homeostasis is achieved. Reasons for using Gloves In A Bottle in the workplace GIAB is not a replacement for protective apparel, but it is clear that protective apparel does not always provide adequate protection. At an affordable cost of around 20 cents an application, GIAB should be used as a first line of protection. Healthy employees result in increased productivity and GIAB reduces “down time” for employees affected by work related skin conditions. Available in 60ml, 240ml and 5L bottles, wall dispenser with 1.3 liter refill bottle and 50 Gallon drums for corporates who wish to self decant. How does GIAB work? When applied it attaches to the outer most layer of skin creating a microscopic undetectable protective barrier. The skin is still able to breathe and perspire normally. Locking out moisture depleting irritants whilst simultaneously locking in the skin’s natural moisture, lipids and oils establishes the perfect platform for a continued healthy vital skin. What is the difference between GIAB and a conventional artificial moisturiser? GIAB is scientifically proven to be 6 times more effective than conventional artificial moisturisers. Artificial moisturisers wash off and offer no barrier Contact: Medloyd Healthcare on 011 397 2717 to arrange a free trial and position your organisation to give your employees the protection and dry skin care they deserve. 22 Before. After.


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